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Shaking Medicine Teacher Trainers

We facilitate Shaking Medicine Teacher Trainings to certify other Shaking Medicine Teachers.
Trainers denoted with * are currently in training.
Dr Keith Motes

Dr Keith

Northern Rivers, Australia
Nancy Lovato


Adelaide, Australia
Kareena Samantha


Queenstown, New Zealand

Shaking Medicine Teachers

We have completed the certification to become a Shaking Medicine Teacher to share this modality with our students and clients.
Sarah Wolfe


Wellington, New Zealand
Kenn Shiell


Les, Bali
Joeke Hoeboer


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Juliette Carman


Costa Rica
Heath Milton


Gold Coast, Australia
Lex Richards


Byron Bay, Australia
Theresa Windau


Adelaide, Australia
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Byron Bay, Australia
Emma Butler


Byron Bay, Australia
Hailey Schnieders


Boulder, Colorado
Zoe Everest


Byron Bay, Australia
Hannah Devries


Nelson, BC Canada
Nathalie Paul


Sydney, Australia
Trish DeViSha


Melbourne, Australia
Eva Toth


Natasha Godetz


Christchurch, New Zealand
Peter Sayeg


Gold Coast, Australia
Lauren Kelly


Central America
Sam Ayres


Jindabyne, Australia
Katherine Bassford


South Coast, United Kingdom
Chelsea Caroline


Grass Valley, California
Rachael Brown


Jindabyne, Australia
Andrea Trimble


Toronto, Canada
Ditte Rosenkrantz


Fuji Teodosio


Byron Bay, Australia
Fabienne Menjucq


Paris, France
Leigh Ewin


Chiara Consonni


Venice, Italy
Daniel Ng


Toronto, Canada
Genevieve Couture


Byron Bay, Australia
KeSyia Foster


Houston, Texas, USA
Hanieka Daniel


Kemi, Finland
Julia Allshouse


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Hanieka Daniel


Hanieka Daniel


Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Hanieka Daniel


Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Our Teaching Ethos

Teachers of Shaking Medicine are in alignment with and uphold our teaching ethos:

"We are facilitators of Shaking Medicine who make up a united tribe sharing this medicine with the world for empowering others. We are passionate about learning, embodying, sharing, growing, refining, and evolving the art and science of Shaking Medicine. As we awaken the shake in others by sharing Shaking Medicine with them, we do so with tremendous care and will follow up and support them as needed. We will support each other as facilitators of Shaking Medicine through ongoing collaboration, communication, discussions, and constructive feedback. We are welcome to bring our unique authentic self, skill set, and creativity into our teachings, given that they are aligned with and incorporate the Shaking Medicine Foundation's fundamentals to keep our teachings safe, fun, and effective. We support the Shaking Medicine Foundation with adequate acknowledgment of the Shaking Medicine Foundation in our sharing and teaching of it namely by referencing our home page at https://www.shakingmedicine.com/ and by using the imagery of our logo art, which cultivates a visual unification of this movement. Shaking Medicine teachers have one of the most important roles in achieving The Foundation's primary mission of sharing this with the world and so Shaking Medicine teachers are greatly supported by the Shaking Medicine Foundation via ongoing care, connection, discussions, and support."

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Dr Keith R Motes

Founder of Shaking Medicine Foundation ~  Quantum Physicist (PhD) ~ Body Worker ~ Yoga & Qi Gong Teacher

Dr Keith R. Motes is a quantum physicist from Louisiana and the founder of the Shaking Medicine Foundation based here at www.shakingmedicine.com.

In his early twenties, he moved to Sydney, Australia to do his PhD on quantum computing technologies. He had a very successful PhD having published 14 peer-reviewed physics papers in various physics journals with two of those being in the world's best theoretical physics journal, Physical Review Letters, which also led to world record-breaking quantum experiments. You can find his thesis and publications here. He loved Australia so much that he became an Australian citizen and is now a dual citizen of Australia and the USA.

During his PhD, he also studied, practised, and began teaching Yoga and Qi Gong. It was in his quest to improve his physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual health that he discovered spontaneous therapeutic shaking. He gained so many benefits so quickly from embodying this that he decided to create the Shaking Medicine Foundation which shares this somatic modality Shaking Medicine. Shaking Medicine is based upon his own embodiment experiences of therapeutic tremoring, his experience in sharing this modality with thousands, training many teachers in Shaking Medicine, and studying from any source of wisdom involving spontaneous shaking that he can find.

Much as this tremor mechanism always inspires and moves uniquely through us each time we tune in, so too does this modality continually evolve, expand, grow, and deepen. Keith has created many resources for you to learn about and tune into your innate ability of spontaneous therapeutic shaking on this website as well as for practitioners to facilitate Shaking Medicine effectively and safely. Keith shares more about his journey into Shaking Medicine on our home page. He is currently continually evolving this modality as his main life's endeavour.

Some of Keith’s favourite hobbies are Yoga, Ashtanga, Qi Gong, Acro Yoga, Zenthai Shiatsu, Snowboarding, Dragon Staff Fire Dancing, Dancing, Running, Swimming, Music, Ceremony, Community, Co-Creating, Kriya, Tantra, Shamanism, Crypto, and Science. One of his favourite parts of this whole Shaking Medicine movement is taking inspired people through his Shaking Medicine Teacher Training. Keith also loves to co-create and work together in mutually beneficial ways so if you have any fun collaborative ideas feel free to reach out.

You can contact Keith on our Contact Page here.

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Sarah Wolfe

Shaking Medicine ~ Bikram Teacher ~ Yin Yoga Teacher

Soma is an International Yoga teacher, leading workshops and classes while co-hosting trainings and retreats. She is formerly a participant of the National Yoga Asana Championships 2013-2015 she trained with her mentor Ali Smithdorf from Canada for several years.

As a dedicated practitioner her passion is discovering different modalities and techniques to help achieve deeper understandings of the practice. She is certified in Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Shaking Medicine. Soma is currently passionate about studying Authentic Communication & Conscious Relating, Ecstatic Movement, Dance & Tantra modalities.

“I intend to bring forth an experience of freedom, creating an environment that supports the surrender of control and transformation”.

Through Soma’s personal trauma she has discovered immense healing powers through a lifelong journey into all forms of body movement.

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Kenn Shiell

Shaking Medicine Teacher ~ Rehabilitation ~ Well-Being & Spiritual Lifestyle Consultant

Beginning from 1978, Kenn ventured into personal discovery through physical exercise as a means to self heal and regenerate himself. His interest then on always lay in rehab & healing, in one way, due to the many physical encounters he had through his own life, plus a strong internal calling. His Fitness Centre was known as The Professional Body Renovators from which he worked with many people over a long period.

In 1985 he became frustrated with the limitations of physical exercise as an absolute means to restoring health & wellbeing and found himself exploring alternative methods of healing. As a result of his searching he had a totally unexpected series of spiritual awakenings in June 1985 which revealed many things unseen or even imagined prior.

In 1986 he established the Hepburn Springs Spa / Mineral Water Bath House introducing alternative healing practices. This was the beginning of many natural healing experiences where in he trained in many forms of massage, meditation & exercise rehab practices along with Meta-Physics & now Shaking Medicine, plus he has also drawn a wealth of wisdom from having worked in many varying fields/positions & had approximately thirty different occupations, along with being well traveled, hence he is very worldly and no stranger to Life’s varying experiences on offer along with the challenges faced by all.

He is now known as a Meta Physician / Teacher / Spiritual Wellbeing Consultant & Artisan at Heart. He is a Master practitioner, and in 2010 he was awarded a government certification with a Diploma in Teaching.

When asked what he does, he responds “what ever is necessary." His motto is, If we teach others to trust & believe (Be & Live) in their own selves, they may avoid being misled by others & also by our self.


Professional Body-Mind & Energy Rejuvenation

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Joeke Hoeboer

Shaking Medicine, Dance, Zumba, Hatha, Yin and Flow Yoga Teacher ~ Intuition Coach

Joeke Hoeboer has been loving and living dance and movement since she was very little. When she was twenty-one years old she started practising Yoga whilst she was living in New Zealand. After one year of practising she finished her first course in ‘Yin Yoga’ in Amsterdam.

After she finished the course, she started teaching Yin and Flow Yoga classes combined with Zumba Dance workouts and a mixture of Pilates/Yoga and Tai Chi in a local gym in Haarlem, The Netherlands. She also created her own workshop called ‘Spirit Dance’ where participants are invited to move their bodies in their own way and to express themselves creatively, guided by sound and music.

After a year of fulltime teaching she packed her bags and flew to India for her next (deepening) Yoga course, based on the subtle bodies with a mixture of Yin and Hatha Yoga. She learned new skills in India and shared them in Bali on a daily basis for three months.

After Bali she flew to Australia and came for the first time in contact with Shaking Medicine when she attended a class from Dr. Keith Motes in Mullumbimby. She got very excited about this specific style of Yoga. Especially because she loves to express and to move emotions and stuck energy through the body with great and powerful force.

In June 2019 Joeke completed her first teacher training in Shaking Medicine and immediately started teaching classes in Mullumbimby after the course. She is now based in The Netherlands and she is sharing the Sacred Shaking Medicine with the European tribe.

To contact Joeke or for more info about her classes and events: [email protected] or (+31) 631397350

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Juliette Carman

Shaking Medicine Teacher ~ Dancer ~ Photographer ~ B.S. Marketing and Sustainability

Juliette is originally from the French Alps and grew up surrounded by the majestic snowy mountain tops and luscious green forests.

She has always felt a strong connection with movement. From a young age, she was dancing ballet and contemporary, as well as practicing circus and gymnastics. Over the years, her connection to movement both as a performing art and as a healing practice has grown stronger and she continuously explores new ways of connecting with herself, others and our Mother Nature.

Her practice of Yoga began after a serious back injury as she was looking for a way to heal. After seven years or so of practicing Yoga, she stumbled across the practice of Shaking Medicine while traveling in Australia. Shortly after her first class, she found herself in the Shaking Medicine Teacher Training. The power of the medicine felt so tangible. She now teaches classes regularly in Montreal, Canada. Her other pursuits include meditation, AcroYoga, ecstatic dance, Balinese massage, conscious relating and perma-culture.

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Heath Milton

Shaking Medicine Teacher ~ Qi Gong Teacher ~ Founder of Forager Warrior

Heath always had a passion for movement, exploration and play in the natural world since he was a child. He began practicing martial arts in the form of Boxing and Muay later on in life before injury caused him to focus on healing and longevity whilst still maintaining physical exercise. It was here he first learnt of the healing potential of Chi energy. In 2017, he began as a student under a Shaolin-style Kung Fu teacher, a lineage through White Crane Silat, Bogor West Java. It was here he began studying and practicing forms of Zen Buddhist Qi Gong and Meditation.

Heath was introduced to Shaking Medicine in 2019 by Dr. Keith Motes and felt the synergy alongside his own practices. Having previously studied Mantak Chia’s work, and having felt Shaking Medicine’s potential to release tension and traumas, he became a certified Shaking Medicine Teacher under Dr. Keith’s tuition.

Heath is inspired to guide individuals on a journey to explore their own healing power. As well as empowering individuals to integrate a foundational practice within their daily life. With the intention to experience greater freedom of expression, emotional balance, playfulness and joy in Life.

Heath is also passionate about growing food, soil health and is the founder of Forager Warrior. A service committed to supporting greater health and vitality through Holistic Lifestyle coaching and regenerative Earth based practices. He now teaches Shaking Medicine out of Mossman Yoga Studio, Mossman, Queensland.

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Joni Bee

Shaking Medicine ~ Shake 'n Groove ~ Nia Dance ~ Attunement Therapist ~ Doula

Joni Bee is a high vibe, playfully buzzy bee-like radiant human bee-ing encouraging inner-child connection. She is passionate about raising the world’s collective vibration in more joy, health and connection. She was born in New Zealand and grew up in Nelson, has travelled the world extensively and now currently resides in Byron Bay, Australia co-creating with the conscious community there.

She is a trained blue belt of the Nia Technique, receiving her training in the USA, Sweden and Australia. The Nia Technique incorporates nine different forms of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. Joni has been facilitating movement, dance and fitness classes for more than six years. She is inspired by holistic health and guides us to listen to the body’s natural way to uplift the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

Joni Bee also offers sessions as an Attunement Therapist, has her expertise in child-care as an English as a Second Language (ESOL) teacher. She has a keen interest in natural child-birth and training as a Doula. She has founded Miss Moon Pads for developing reusable moon-pads to support earth friendly sustainable ways for women on our planet.

Miss Bee is always keen to find new and effective ways to align with her life’s passion and share in adventure along the way. You can contact her personally at [email protected].

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Lex Richards

Peaceful Growing Collective ~ Calligraphy Yoga ~ Ancestral Movement ~ Nature Ninja

As a child, Lex had the unique experience to have the Outward Bound Base Camp as his own backyard. Ropes courses, rock climbing, horses and other outdoor activities were his everyday life.

Lex trained in martial arts (Japanese style Judo, Jujitsu and Karate- becoming black belt), wrestling, football and adventure sports- being the inspiration that led him to begin working in outdoor education and personal training in his early twenties.

Lex furthered his studies exploring the connections with the body, mind and the elements effecting them. He learnt in areas such as C.H.E.K (core, back, programing, level 1), obstacle course racing, Gary Grey’s Functional Movement and Assessment, Ancestral Movement, Yoga and other healing and movement modalities.

His passion is supporting people to overcome their blocks and limiting beliefs in both their internal and external expressions so they may connect with their natural, healthy state of self and explore the higher potential and ability of the human body and mind in a fun and creative way.

He has been running Nature Ninja for many years working with youth and adults in nature to  bring people together to move, play and learn in an inspiring, fun, dynamic and challenging way. The vision is to bring together, many modalities, skills and community groups for a greater sharing and growth in an new exciting way.  He also facilitates retreats and workshops connecting people to nature and how to be embodied and move through different environments and situations.

He has been working with Shaking Medicine since 2018 and incorporates it into his own daily practice and the classes that he shares.  He has found it deeply therapeutic and clearing for traumas and blockages in the body supporting the physical and energetic body to come back into balance.

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Theresa Windau

Shaking Medicine Teacher ~ Trauma Therapist ~ Disability Support Worker ~ Early Childhood Trauma Education

Theresa is from Germany and went through both Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten and school in that environment. She came in contact with alternative medicine and movements like Eurythmy.

During her internship in England at age 16 she supported people with disabilities. That was a time where she became inspired by the use of different therapies to help people to deal with anxiety, trauma and stress. She has 10 years of experience in disability support work and now looks to trauma therapy as her primary interest.

Theresa has been living in Australia for almost 2.5 years now and enjoys yoga in her daily life. Some time ago she experienced Shaking Medicine for the first time at a festival and felt straight away that is the right approach for her. She began the Shaking Medicine Teacher Training very soon after the festival. Theresa is also studying early childhood education with a focus on educating traumatised children-based on the Steiner principles. You can contact her here: [email protected]

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Emma Butler

Natural Healing Therapist ~ Founder of Essence Medicine ~ Qualified Registered Nurse (mental health & trauma specialties) ~ Dancer ~ Poet ~ Surfer

Emma is passionate about loving others, quality connection and supporting people as they encounter their healing journey. At the core of her natural healing therapy Emma emphasises essence/natural self – the source of wellness. She whole-heartedly believes each person has within themselves all that is needed to heal and that every unique person possesses an innate wisdom that involves knowing what is best for themselves more so than any other. Emma also feels deeply about each person continuing to feel empowered throughout their healing journey, even if they choose to utilise support from a particular therapy or therapist.

In regards to the unique qualities she brings to her work, Emma recognises in herself and she is often told that, she embodies a very feminine energy – this resonant quality influences her approach to and sets the tone of her therapy. Emma also completed a BPsychSc and is a qualified Registered Nurse who, while employed as a nurse, chose to specialise in the areas of mental health and trauma. Although Emma chose to cease this particular work she utilises the knowledge and experience she gained to best support people while practicing as a natural healing therapist.

Her natural healing therapy celebrates connection with essence, especially through the heart, energetically and through body movement. And for this reason, harnesses Shaking Medicine and Acutonics® to support healing. Emma became aware of the unique beauty inherent in and the capacities of both these modalities primarily through experiential encounter and quickly fell in love with each. Although Emma gives honour to the differing qualities of both modalities she has discovered that both have the power to gently penetrate down through the various layers of a person to touch the innermost self, connect a person to their natural self and through this connection assist the person to see what is ‘theirs’ and what isn’t. This realisation initiates a natural progression whereby all that is not part of the natural self simply falls away and dissipates, leaving only the ‘gold’. The result of connection to self is union with each individual facet of the self. And a person connects fully with their wisdom, intuition, creativity, energy, and the love, freedom, peace, hope and joy that lie, fundamentally at their core, resulting in a wonderful experience of wholeness, wellness, clarity, vision, centredness, embodiment and empowerment. 

Emma’s other deep loves include dance and writing poetry, and being a surfer since the age of 7 she enjoys an intimate connection with the ocean.

Emma may be contacted at [email protected].

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Hailey Schnieders

Women’s Empowerment Coach ~ Writer ~ Photographer ~ Yoga Instructor ~ BA Communications

California native, passionate about solo backpacking around the world, Hailey prioritizes the simple things in life: writing, photography, yoga, shaking, meditation, surfing, creative philanthropic projects, being in nature & the ocean, and working one-on-one and with groups of women to help them fulfil their highest purpose through her virtual program, Soulful Rewilding. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications, specializing in Entertainment & Tourism, and is certified in both Hatha Yoga and Shaking Medicine.

Acrobatic movement stirred her curiosity from infancy, leading her to explore movement through gymnastics, tumbling, and then competitive cheerleading. After 8 years of competitive cheer, in addition to 4 years of high school competitive pep squad, she retired and soon after found yoga, meditation, and more recently Shaking Medicine, which she appreciates for its adaptive and intuitive class structure.

She stands firm in the knowing that all things grow in love and compassion, and that leaning into heart-centeredness in every moment, though arduous and challenging at times, is the most rewarding way to live. Getting into an empathetic head + heart space, that intuitively acts out of love, requires maintaining a balanced and grounded mindset, which is why Hailey is passionate about sharing Shaking Medicine with anyone and everyone who needs a little bit of love & light. She knows that getting out of our head and into our body is necessary for vibrant health and will aid the collective in overcoming the challenges we face today.

You can find her on IG: @roamerwoman
Women’s Group Programs: www.Haileyschniederscoaching.weebly.com
Writing + Photography Blog: www.roamerwoman.com

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Zoe Everest

Mother ~ Vocal Coach ~ Shaking Medicine Facilitator

Zoe Everest is passionate about truth and authenticity.  A musician and vocal coach by trade, she now combines her passion for voice with the magic of Shaking Medicine to create a therapeutic healing space for shaking, sounding and singing. Zoe uses traditional vocal warm ups, breath for singing and exercises with embodiment practises to encourage students to not only open up the energy blockages in their bodies through involuntary shaking, but also to open up blockages in the throat and voice where so many of us are blocked.

[email protected]

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Hannah Sahara Devries

Yoga Teacher (E-RYT-200) ~ Yin Yoga, Meditation and Chakra Transformation Teacher ~ Writer ~ Reiki Worker

Hannah first found yoga after being diagnosed with severe scoliosis at age 13, she fell in love with free movement and the connection of breath to body. This is where her healing journey started.

In the rehabilitation of her body her negative thought patterns (depression and anxiety) changed the way she looked at life. Along her journey she discovered many different healing modalities such as Yin Yoga, meditation, Reiki, Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage with Gwyn Williams, and now Shaking Medicine with Dr. Keith Motes.

Shaking Medicine really helped Hannah to develop a new way to see the joy in healing and the playfulness of life. Even if we are feeling low, we are never actually lost. We have the innate power to shed the layers that are not serving us and to uplift our positive vibration. For Hannah, Shaking Medicine is a doorway into welcoming feelings and emotions (energy in motion), from a place of transparency, openness and non-attachment. Here is an opportunity to let things rise and fall away, simply feeling sensations appearing and disappearing to guide us forward and grow.

In a class with Hannah, you can expect to feel playful, lovingly vulnerable, nourished, held and warmly welcomed.

Find her on:
~Instagram: @yoginihannah
~Personal Blog, writing and offerings: yoginihannah.com~Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannahdevriesyoga

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Nathalie Paul

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator ~ Fitness Instructor/PT ~ Qualified Nutritionist ~ 'Mindset for Healing' Coach & Mentor

Nathalie is an embodied Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, experienced Fitness Instructor/PT and qualified Nutritionist. She was born in Africa, then moved urgently to France as a child, where she studied Literature, then Management and Auditing at University, until she decided to follow her passion in the field of Health and Wellbeing. She is a citizen of France and Australia, with an Indian and Madagascan background.

Nathalie arrived in Australia when she was in extreme pain, thinking that the ‘disease’ would go away after a week or two with the help of strong medication. Her father being a GP, she was used to relying on medication whenever she was unwell.

That excruciating pain was actually the beginning of a long journey of 5 years with autoimmune diseases. Today Nathalie embraces the blessing of this journey: the pain woke her up to Life, and actually to the existence of a higher consciousness, beyond the physical reality. The pain was a wake-up call to realise that we are energy before we get physical. From that experience with physical pain, she now runs talks and 1:1 sessions to help others heal & transform their pain. 

Nathalie was not born a dancer; dancing was actually what she feared the most. It is only in 2017, as she was in the darkest place, dealing with feelings of grief and loss that she started to dance as a way to find pure presence and express herself. She discovered Shaking Medicine at the time. It is also during that time that she discovered the Unconditional Love Healing approach taught By Simon Wing-Lun and Lora Radford in Sydney, and this healing approach has since been her way to go through Life challenges. 

In 2020, Nathalie found herself drawn to add some therapeutic tremoring (shaking) to her daily practices. She decided to become a Shaking Medicine practitioner, with an intent to share this beautiful ancient modality that is inherent to our beingness. 

Nathalie is now a Shaking Medicine Practitioner and offers support through 1:1 empowering Healing & Transformative sessions using her wisdom and the Unconditional Love vibration as the foundation of her offerings.

You can find Nathalie on www.nathaliepaul.com.

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Trish DeViSha

Yoga Teacher ~ Movement Coach ~ Workshop Facilitator

Trish has been teaching regularly since 2012 and has trained in Australia, India and China. She has a background of personal daily practice in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Acro, Restorative, Yin and Yogic Tantric styles as well as a background and training in various forms of Tai Chi and Qigong Chinese Martial Arts and Daoist Tantra, Animal Flow (R), Shaking Medicine, different dance styles, circus acro and contortion, and immersive study into various spiritual philosophies and esoteric sciences.

Over the years besides teaching her regular classes, Trish has also created and facilitated many workshops and courses across her varied field of expertise, from Yoga and Tantra Yoga, Meditation, Art Therapy, Dance, Movement and Spiritual Guidance, to Acting and Modelling, and has also taught Yoga internationally in India and China as well as her regular classes in Australia, and now offers classes online via Zoom.

Trish loves sharing her passion of Yoga and movement with clients to further enrich their lives.


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Eva Toth

Biologist ~ Physiologist ~ TRE Practitioner

Eva lives in Slovakia and is in full support of the Shaking Medicine movement from this heart of Europe. She loves the intuitive movement of therapeutic tremoring that Shaking Medicine focuses on and uses these tools daily in her practice.

Through her life she has had a lot of interests which led her to a very specific and unique approach to support people to heal. In her healing career she was influenced by her parents who are physicians.

Love and sensitivity to both music and movement flourished naturally in her childhood. She played piano and even seriously considered being an opera singer.

Eva graduated as a Scientist, specifically Biologist/Physiologist, from Comenius University in Bratislava and worked a few years in pharmaceutical companies. She used this time period to gain knowledge and skills as a Nutritionist and Detox Specialist.

Later, her interests moved to the field of mental health and personal growth. She was accredited as a Practitioner by The Journey and a Stress Management Advisor by The Health Sciences Academy.  

In 2019, Eva Founded Heltens Vitality Institute, where she supports clients in personal growth and healing.

In 2020 she was accredited as a TRE® practitioner (Trauma/Tension Release Exercises) and started to frequently use neurogenic therapeutic tremoring in her practice.

Her group sessions and individual therapies are led intuitively with elements of music, sounds, singing, movement, therapeutic tremoring and/or meditation. Shaking Medicine fits in very naturally in her lifestyle and has opened her doors to a bigger audience and more freedom in sharing therapeutic tremoring with the world.

You can contact her personally at [email protected]

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Natasha Godetz

Shaking Medicine Teacher ~ Breathwork Facilitator ~ Yoga Instructor

Natasha is a breathwork facilitator, yoga instructor and shaking medicine teacher who loves to guide people to become their own self healer.

Her holistic health journey began from a young age and she has used natural modalities to manage multiple autoimmune conditions.

Watching the power that the body has to heal itself sparked her passion to share these tools with others to empower their health.

Having spent time out diving deep into her own healing, she has completed several trainings in various modalities and fuses these together in her offerings. 

Prior to living in New Zealand where she is now based she spent 2 years in Thailand working at a healing centre guiding people through movement, breathwork and mindset to heal various ailments.

As a big introvert at heart she loves to spend hours in nature, reading or getting creative outside of being in the studio.

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Peter Sayeg

Shaking Medicine Teacher ~ Veteran ~ Psychosomatic Therapist ~ Trauma Transformation

Peter, a 12-year veteran of the Royal Australian Airforce, is passionate about the human energy system and all of the forces behind it. He explores how our energy can unite people and positively transform communities. He has a deep curiosity about what is at the essence of all of this energy work.  

In analogy to his experience of stress and trauma, he has felt the effects of Newton's third law, which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The greater the force acting on us, the greater the backlash response can be. To balance these forces, Peter understands that shaking off the outside world's formidable challenges allows us to find harmony within. As we find harmony we gain more clarity and grow a relationship with our inner tutor or intuition.

Peter now has a strong purpose in society. As a mentor and role model, he loves guiding you through your process of self-discovery. At 46 years young, Peter has recently returned to his home on the Gold Coast, Australia after spending 3 years guiding people through the ancient wonder of Angkor Wat. His understanding and growth through trauma and recovery planted a seed in his desire to learn ancient philosophies and the movement of love through breath, dance and shaking.


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Lauren Kelly

Transformation Consultant ~ Soul Blueprint Coach ~ Yogi ~ Photographer ~ Retreat Facilitator ~ BA International Business and Global Supply Chain

Lauren is a Transformation Consultant, Yogi, Photographer, Retreat Facilitator, and Shaking Medicine Teacher. She is passionate about regeneration at the individual and systemic levels.

Lauren grew up outside of Washington D.C. and currently lives near the Daintree Rainforest in Australia. After graduating with dual degrees in International Business and Global Supply Chain and travelling throughout thirty countries, Lauren began working as a Business Strategy Consultant for IBM in NYC for two years. Yearning to use this skillset to be part of the solution, she moved to Australia and began freelance consulting on human rights and environmental projects.

Diving deeper, Lauren began learning about regenerative agriculture, sustainable community solutions, and various spiritual and ancient healing practices.
She bought and converted her beloved van and hit the road, working with regenerative farms and eco-villages from Tasmania to Far North Queensland and learning practical solutions for healing the Earth, communities, and the individual spirit.

Lauren simultaneously worked as a Program Designer for Mindfulness Programs, rolled out to organizations like the World Bank. She is now working as the Director of Programs for Be Free, an international consultancy for personal and organizational transformation. She also works as a Soul Blueprint Coach, weaving Human Design, Evolutionary Astrology, Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Practices, and many other esoteric bodies of knowledge together to assist people in uncovering and aligning to their soul’s true path.

In her free time, Lauren loves to read, practice yoga, create art that honours the divine feminine through photography, and adventure deep into the heart of Mother Nature with her tribe, from the crocodile and coconut laden jungle of Cedar Bay to the enchanted mossy forests of Tasmania.

Shaking Medicine is her favourite daily practice for releasing trauma and tuning back into the vibrant, joyful flow of life. She is excited to combine Shaking Medicine with tools from her program in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy to help people move through physical, emotional, and mental tensions and to create healthy, new, and aligned realities individually and collectively.

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Sam Ayres

Shaking Medicine & Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher ~ Musician ~ Photographer/Videographer

With a foundation in Tantric Hatha yoga, Sam has influences from several Eastern mind/body traditions. With a very flow like vinyasa style incorporating energy movement throughout the body, Sam focuses on using bandhas and breath.

Having travelled the globe seeking the deeper truths of life, beyond the normal 9-5 lifestyle of his upbringing, his yoga journey has brought him into a deeper understanding of oneself and his surroundings. This has nurtured a way for him to turn his gaze inward and to live in harmony with both the internal and external world.

Sam’s journeys have brought him to Jindabyne, NSW where he encountered Keith Motes, founder of Shaking Medicine and discovered the healing art of therapeutic tremoring. This is a tool to manage traumas and stresses stored in the body that provides a valuable pathway of gently tending to these and offering access to deeper states of meditation.

Sam is now sharing his knowledge and skills with groups and individuals both in private and public settings throughout NSW and via online sessions. 

Contact Sam via email or phone: s[email protected] (+61481291615)

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Katherine Bassford

Writer ~ Teacher

Katherine is a writer in the UK. She has written several health and self-help books, including Oh Sugar! which has been translated into 9 languages. Fascinated by the mind-body connection, she is certified in Personal Training, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, TRE and Shaking Medicine.

Whilst working as a fitness coach, Katherine searched for a solution to the crippling social anxiety she had suffered with for years. Nothing worked until she came across neurogenic tremoring. Within a few short months, this shaking practice transformed her life and she decided to train in TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and Shaking Medicine in order to share this with others.

Katherine is now writing a self-help book for writers, and exploring how to use life force energy for creative joy and flow. In addition to shaking, she practises qi gong and natural movement, and spends as much time as possible in nature - running, hiking and camping.

To find out more visit www.katherinebassford.com

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Chelsea Caroline

Songwriter ~ Music Producer ~ Naturalist ~ Vibrational Medicine Facilitator

Chelsea Caroline is a songwriter, music producer, naturalist and vibrational medicine facilitator from the beautiful Susquehanna riverside city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She was born in 1975 and grew up with the musical and cultural soundtrack of the expressive and raw 1970s rock, reggae and bluegrass and the innovative hip hop, electronica and trance of the1990s.  

Living between 2 very diverse neighborhoods, she learned at an early age how to be a true diplomat, innovative singer, writer, artist and community architect. She learned to use her voice and talents to build bridges between neighborhoods, cultures, ideologies and diverse, sometimes difficult situations and environments.

Always fascinated with the universal language of music, the creative process and the art of storytelling, Chelsea has written and performed over a hundred original songs, stories and poems. She's studied performance, voice, piano, guitar, clarinet, hand pan, synthesis, and hand percussion. She has written and produced music for Universal Pictures, J2 Producer and LA West Records, as well as several other artists on the East and West coast of the United States.

In 2014 she began studying under and working with several seasoned sound engineers, establishing her skills further in music production, audio engineering, recording, mixing and mastering. In 2016, at the completion of her first full-length album titled Songs from the Sea, Chelsea partnered her music in support of Plastic Pollution Coalition and in 2019, she founded and directed her own Environmental Arts initiative called Earthen Water and Water ER. This initiative brought about heightened awareness and successful political action resulting in a nationally mandated clean up of her beloved Susquehanna River. Chelsea also created and served at her own artist in residence program for the Green Ridge Elementary Music Program in Pennsylvania and has helped to found and develop several other community arts initiatives.

Chelsea took her knowledge of music to another level in 2020 and 2021 and completed her studies in Sound and Vibrational Therapies at Globe Institute for Sound Healing and Recording Arts. She also holds accreditation as teacher and practitioner of Shaking Medicine through the Shaking Medicine Foundation. Both are ancient healing modalities that recognize and utilize the powerful medicine of vibration, frequency, intuition and mind/body awareness to return oneself to a state of homeostasis and optimal capacity for self healing. She had applied this knowledge to her own life and has healed herself from a life full of trauma and chronic pain. She’s adept at techniques in Somatic Voice Work, Sound Massage, Sound Acupuncture, Shaking Medicine, Shamanic Journeying and is a certified Reiki Master and receiver of the 9 Passage Rites of the Munay Ki. She also has a working knowledge of foraging, wildcrafting and plant medicine. 

Chelsea looks forward to the journey ahead, blending her skills, knowledge and experience as a music producer, director, writer, performer, artist, vibrational medicine facilitator and educator, to bring the most deeply moving, fun, inspirational, ancient and progressive sounds, music, stories and wellness focused practices to her community of clients and beyond. Her desire is to collaborate with others and empower individual and collective growth through music production, vibrational medicine, art, storytelling, self care, creative exploration and discovery.

Please feel free to contact her for music production & performance or collaboration on musical projects, vibrational medicine events, classes, workshops or retreats!!

[email protected]

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Rachael Brown

High School Educator ~ Jai Yoga Teacher ~ Shaking Medicine Facilitator

Rachael Brown is based in Jindabyne, NSW, Australia. She was attracted to the practice of Shaking Medicine after completing her 200hr Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Jai Australia in October of 2021. The practice of Shaking Medicine has deepened her ability to awaken kundalini, illuminate higher perceptions and delve into deeper states of consciousness.

She has been practicing yoga for 6 years and came to this practice as a means of managing the stress and pressures of being a high school educator. She is now sharing shaking with her friends, community, colleagues and students.

Rachael believes that regular shaking enables us to face the challenges of modern living with kindness and integrity. Shaking is one such tool that is extremely therapeutic and relaxing, releasing stress, trauma and stuck energy.

Rachael inspires her students to listen to their higher selves, connect to intuitive wisdom and apply this elevated state of awareness to attuning with their truest path.

She is currently teaching Shaking Medicine at Jindabyne Yoga Shala in the Snowy Mountains of Jindabyne, NSW, Australia.

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Kareena Heart

Professional Dancer ~ Yoga Teacher ~ Dreamweaver

Kareena, a space-holder and truth-bringer, embraces the sacred art of guiding souls within her heart-led sacred circles. With 25 enchanting years gracing stages worldwide as a professional dancer and choreographer, she now continues to bring rhythm, music and movement to the world by sharing Ecstatic Dance and Sacred Shaking. She is a yoga teacher (E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Global Certified), Shaking Medicine teacher, DJ, performing artist and a vessel of divine service, weaving soul-stirring creations, workshops and retreats harmoniously with her DJ events and her passions for collective healing. A sacred weaver of dreams she is a beacon of light, illuminating the path of ascension through embodied movement and unity through the frequency of love. Originally from South Africa, She is currently living in New Zealand.

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Andrea Trimble

Grandmother ~ Yoga Teacher ~ Qi Gong Teacher ~ Bachelor of Fine Arts

I’ve been teaching and living yoga since 1978 and teaching Qigong since 2010. I'm always unravelling and discovering who or what ‘AM I’ in all that life has to offer. I love Yoga, Qi Gong, asana, pranayam, meditation, retreats, clowning, quilting, and vegetable gardening. I am an events coordinator, a Reiki master since 1998, I am trained as a Death Doula, I have a Thanatology Certificate (study of Death and Dying), I am a mother of 3, a grandmother, and many years ago I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours in Music. My recent education includes learning to teach and explore therapeutic tremoring (Shaking Medicine) and learning to play the ukulele.

It feels in some ways that Shaking Medicine embodies so much of what my life has been about. I very much enjoy sharing Shaking Medicine and love watching the wonder on students' faces at the end of a class.

I am always a student of everything I teach and my students know that we are all teaching each other in our own way! Joy and love shine brightly these days.

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Ditte Rosenkrantz

Swim Teacher ~ Yoga & Tantra Teacher ~ Water Anxiety Therapy

Ditte has been working with swimming and water anxiety since the age of eleven.

After a series of traumatic events including bankruptcy, stalking, and a car crash, Ditte spontaneously experienced Shaking Medicine during a meditation. This became the beginning of a deep dive into her emotional landscape, learning to surrender, the shaking, releasing more, and trusting that her body knows how to heal itself. With passion and inspiration from dancing, meditation, and drumming in a free improvisational environment, Ditte has learned to trust her impulses and go with the flow to heal and grow.

Finding the Shaking Medicine teacher training has been the beginning of passing this knowledge on to others. Using her many years of experience as a teacher and a water anxiety instructor, Ditte loves offering a safe space for the Shaking Medicine journey.

Teaching swimming, as well as Tantric yoga principles and techniques, have been part of her path since Ditte was pregnant with her first kid twenty-two years ago. Ditte has also worked with aqua-yoga, baby swimming, education of swimming teachers, development of several teaching concepts, mermaid swimming, mermaid events and mermaid performances.

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Fuji Teodosio

Zenthai Shiatsu ~ Oriental Medicine ~ Chi Nei Tsang ~ Chi Kung

Fuji is currently living and practising in a town called Mullumbimby in Northern New South Wales, Australia. He was born in the Philippines and grew up in Sydney.

In his late 20s, he discovered meditation and this discovery opened up his world to healing, complementary medicine, alternative thinking and alternative lifestyle.

In 1998 he first studied a short course in Shiatsu for healing and self-development. In 2007, Fuji formally studied Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine at Nature Care College - Australia's leading school of complementary medicine. Later on, he also studied Zenthai Shiatsu and Chi New Tsang, a Qi Kung abdominal massage developed by master Mantak Chia of the Universal Healing Tao. Fuji studied under 3 different teachers who were students of Master Mantak Chia. Under these teachers, he studied Iron Shirt Chi Kung, the Inner Smile Meditation, Healing Love through the Tao, Chi Nei Tsang and Cosmic Healing.

Fuji was first introduced to Shaking Medicine at a men’s gathering in Mullumbimby and found that this meditation technique naturally complimented his dance, movement, and meditation practices which he incorporates in his Shaking Medicine teachings.

Currently, Fujis’ main practice is movement meditation using ecstatic dance, Shaking medicine, Contact dance improvisation, improvised movement as therapy, Qi Kung and Martial Arts.

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Fabienne Menjucq

Yoga Teacher ~ Dance Therapist ~ EMDR ~ Karma Therapeutics

I am trained as a dancer and dance therapist. Movement accompanied me all of my life as a tool for balance and resilience and as an essential way to be and to live. After becoming a mom, I became interested in Yoga in 2010 and trained that same year in Yin Yoga. Little by little I trained in more practices that could release stress, ptsd, anxiety, etc. I trained in Yoga Nidra, EMDR, Karma Healing, Theta Healing and other energetic healing styes. I also completed a 500 hr Vinyasa Yoga teacher training. I am fascinated by the body and how to release unwanted physical and emotional tensions. I understand and love everything I come to meet in this life as an inspiring message.

Discovering Shaking Medicine has become really fundamental to me and is now a pivotal part for me and my teachings. It has clearly showed me that some things have to be shaken and released with somatic therapeutic tremoring to be liberated. I feel very grateful for this encounter and feel eager to mix this movement style with styles of stillness to open the body and heart of others so that they free themselves from unserving patternings, thoughts, and beliefs systems.

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Leigh Ewin

Founder @ Nasal.io ~ Wim Hof Method Instructor ~ Oxygen Advantage Instructor ~ Breatheology Instructor ~ Bulletproof Coach

Leigh Ewin is a breathwork facilitator and educator. He is known for facilitating transformative breathwork experiences and has shed light on brand new breathing philosophy with his soon to be released book. He has trained with Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage, Breatheology, amongst others and has trained in the Bulletproof Coaching Academy.

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Chiara Consonni

Chinese Medicine ~ Earth Retreats ~ Cacao Ceremony Facilitator ~ Shiatsu & Chinese Massage

Welcoming beautiful Chiara to our Shaking Medicine Tribe as one of our newly graduated teachers <3

Chinese Medicine ~ Earth Retreats ~ Cacao Ceremony Facilitator ~ Shiatsu & Chinese Massage

Chiara loves to be in the Wilderness, outside and within.

She helps people reconnect with their true selves, dropping back into the Heart and thus being able to express their creative force and shine their Nature to the World.

She grew up in Milan, Italy and lived long in Berlin where she discovered Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Bodywork), while also exploring her passions: movement, yoga & martial arts, and voice work. The study and practice of Chinese Medicine changed her life, and she keeps on applying this ancient knowledge to her life, for helping others and deepening her connection to herself and nature.

Chiara leads Cacao Ceremonies and Earth Retreats in Sicily, Italy and Europe during her travels.

She loves to create a loving space where people feel they can let go and allow change to happen, bringing in some lightness and playfulness to the space, together with sacredness.

She recently has been organising a retreat together with other practitioners and artists called Celebration of Love, to unite people to share practices that help us reconnect to our true Nature and to inspire each other, explore and unite different arts.

Dance being one of her biggest love, she came in touch with spontaneous therapeutic tremoring through the book ‘Awakening the Spirit through Ecstatic dance’, becoming very intrigued with this technique and found Keith and the training one year later.

She has been sharing Shaking Medicine on a regular basis, combining it with a dance journey thus freeing the mind and emotions and loosening tensions through the reawakening of the spontaneous vibration. During the retreats, she is exploring different practices that are powerfully combined with Shaking such as Breathwork, Cacao Ceremonies, and creative expression such as voice work.

Apart from the group work, she supports people in their journey through Shiatsu and Chinese Massage.

She practices Kundalini Yoga and is a student of Jyotish-Vedic Astrology with Jay Dev and singing in the Cosmic Choir with Gaia Sanskrit.


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Daniel Ng

Shaking Medicine ~ Craniosacral Therapy

Based in Canada, Daniel is thankful for Shaking Medicine which has been of assistance to his journey of inner transformation and re-alivening through life. This practice has assisted him in unlearning old patterns, accessing and freeing emotions, and living more in his authentic self. He initially turned to the shaking space in 2019 as a reactive and immediate means to cope with the 8-month process of losing his job which shattered his perceived self-worth and self-confidence - both anchored externally in his former reality.

After Daniel was shown the doors, he began his healing journey. On his journey, he eventually and arduously learned that there’s really not one way that one needs to follow in order to heal. The body is naturally intelligent beyond what the mind and science define and wants to heal. It heals when we listen and allow. Along with Shaking Medicine, the scoliosis in Daniel’s back is gradually undoing itself.

In 2022, Daniel returned to the shaking space via Shaking Medicine and has been amazed with this transformative practice. Daniel has also completed training in craniosacral therapy, Hatha yoga, and improv. He enjoys meditation, dance, and the expressive arts.


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Genevieve Couture

Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher ~ Yin Yoga Teacher ~ Health Coach

In 2012, I, Genevieve Couture, a French Canadian, made my way down to Australia after completing my degree in Communications. I've always had a passion for health, so I dove right in and got certified as a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016. During this time Traditional Chinese Medicine caught my eye and so I delved deep into the Five Elements Acupressure modality. In 2019, I took my wellness journey to the next level by completing a 200hr Tantric Hatha training at Jai Yoga Australia and did a 50hr Traditional Chinese Medicine-inspired Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Dr Truth Robinson. In 2021 I dove into the Shaking Medicine Teacher Training and I am thrilled to be incorporating this powerful modality into my teachings and practice. And let's not forget, I am certified in gut health, so let's just say, I've got your digestion covered.

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Nancy Lovato

Radical Self-Expression ~ Solopreneurship ~ Entheogenic Therapy

Nancy Lovato has a veritable passion for "Sharing the Shake" with a unique facilitation style that is accessible and soothing.

With an extensive background in Radical Self-Expression, through participating in Arts, Music and Lifestyle festivals, actively way-showing in the conscious community, via Performance Activism with the RED Rebels Brigade, also Tap-Dancing onstage, Nancy has a varied set of experiences to draw from. Since recently discovering Shaking Medicine, Nancy is currently exploring Authentic Relating, Eco-Resiliency, Solopreneurship, and more.

Nancy has suffered a significant amount of trauma, hardship and grief which she has been able to work through using consistency in such modalities as: Meditation, Breathwork, Ice Bathing, Yoga, Conscious Dance, Essential oil and Entheogenic Therapy, Liquid Crystal Alchemy, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Nancy has found her calling, through her continued education around healing trauma and now creating spaces to share her experiences in these modalities.

Find her here on Facebook.

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KeSyia Foster

Somatic Trauma Practitioner ~ Attachment Therapy ~ Somatic Parts Work

KeSyia is a somatic based trauma practitioner, utilizing Reiki, Somatic Attachment Therapy and Somatic Parts Work, to initiate others into their integral essence.

With a background in Child education, a love for Anthroposophy, Music, and conceptualizing one's truth, she works in devotion of eternal source to assist in soul retrieval, tangible embodiment of your highest potential, and holistic nervous system regulation.

After years of dissociation and depersonalization, she treaded deep in the waters of alternative healing and rehabilitation to commit back to life and live in the body again. It was not until her extensive search for love and forgiveness that brought her back to the sanctity of Christ beyond the thresholds of dogma.

With the shared desire of physical and collective harmony, she set out to explore a pathway of service that could help someone come from the depths of distress and trauma into a conciliation of their own brilliance.

KeSyia is thrilled to work with others through the modality of Shaking Medicine, to bring the nervous system to a place of coherency, communion and trust.

You can contact her at: [email protected]

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Hanieka Daniel

Massage Therapist ~ Energy Worker ~ Shaking Medicine Facilitator

Hanieka became a Shaking Medicine facilitator in Australia and is currently living and sharing the Shake in the south of Spain.
She was diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) causing her to embark on a quest for healing and liberation. After years of seeking healing through talk therapy, Hanieka realised that her trauma ran deeper than her logical mind could reach. This realization prompted her to explore alternate therapies, accumulating over 10 years of experience in various modalities. Through this exploration, Hanieka found healing in many aspects of her life. However, she couldn't ignore the deep underlying trauma that persisted. It was during her first Shaking Medicine class that she experienced a breakthrough.

As her body began to remember the tremors deep within, Hanieka knew instantly that she had discovered the missing link in her healing journey. Shaking Medicine became Hanieka's guiding light, allowing her to tap into the innate healing mechanisms of her body. Hanieka's personal journey has inspired her to share the liberating benefits of Shaking Medicine with others, as she believes in the innate capacity within each of us to heal ourselves. Hanieka's class integrates expression through dance and self-massage techniques, focusing on connecting to your body and self-care.

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Julia Allshouse

E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher ~ RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, Hatha & Kundalini ~ Certified Holistic Health Counselor ~ Personal Transformation Retreat Leader ~ Specializes in Holistic Health for Recovery

Julia is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, with over a decade of living in the beautiful country of Mexico. While in Mexico, Julia started her own Yoga Studio & Wellness Practice called Vikara Wellness based out of her home in Puerto Vallarta in 2012. During that time, she also began an ambitious venture by working side by side with the owner of Moffitt Wellness Retreat, a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program, as the Operations Director & Yoga Teacher.

When she moved to San Miguel de Allende, her primary goal was to start a family, which happened only 3 months into living there. The wonders of motherhood took her over physically and spiritually as she dedicated her time towards raising her newborn child. Once her daughter grew into her own a bit, she started venturing back into the world of wellness.

With inspiration through spiritual ceremony, she began expanding her wellness business to create unity between community yoga teachers, transformational and trauma-informed coaches, spiritual guides, and students alike, specializing in creating holistic wellness programs for recovery in Yelapa, Mexico, along with destination recovery & holistic wellness retreats for those who are passionate about up levelling their physical, mental, emotional, and behavioural blueprint towards personal transformation.

Julia has a passion for educating people who struggle with mental illness and addiction because she comes from a family who have had to navigate the world of mental illness and addiction, and always knew she didn't want to trigger the possibility of repeating the same pattern.

There came a time in her life, when unhealthy relationships were affecting her deeply, causing depression and an unhealthy lifestyle, not knowing how to overcome.

It took her years to decide to attend a yoga class, and when she did, it all went uphill from there. It changed her life forever, and she wants nothing more than to inspire yours!

Julia was introduced to Shaking Medicine while she was in the process of becoming a TRE Provider, and felt that the expansive knowledge of movements, shapes, and unique techniques to tap into therapeutic tremoring, fit the mind/body/spirit connection more deeply, as well as gave a broader range in motion to explore the body. She decided to complete her training in therapeutic tremoring with Shaking Medicine and has already started incorporating classes in her retreats and local community.

Julia is a certified holistic health counsellor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a E-RYT 200hr, & RYT 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified teacher with trainings from Drishti Yoga International, & Samadhi Yoga Ashram, specializing in traditional tantra kundalini & hatha yoga rooted in Himalayan yoga tradition, and have completed her Anusara 100 hr immersion training based in hatha tradition with Sarah Faircloth.

Julia also brings to her unique themed classes a knowledge of the physical and the energy bodies combined with an understanding of the philosophy of yoga and can adapt to individual needs. The insights and affirmations she shares come from both guidance from spirit and her own experiences. She encourages her students to listen and lead from the heart, which allows them to discover their inner teacher and pure potential.

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Andre Rivera

Breathwork Facilitator ~ Holistic Body Work Practitioner ~ Qi Gong Facilitator ~ Ayurvedic Therapist

Conscious movement has always been present in Andre’s life. Starting from an early age with artistic gymnastics and then moving into the martial arts of Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu. Later on, he transitioned more into the energetic martial arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. These practices along with breath work kick started his conscious healing journey.

Discovering Shaking Medicine felt like a deep intuitive remembering of somatic memories. Personally, SM became a powerful ally during the inner work journey as a therapist. It became especially present when sitting with plant medicine and sound therapies, and soon realized that combining these welcomed some powerful results. Constantly experimenting with all these different modalities has opened up students to unique moments of internal alchemy.

More recently, Andre has dedicated himself to holistic body work which includes modalities such as Zen Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang, and Acupressure. The Tao Chi massage is the integration of all these practices in a single session.

Andre started traveling the world at the end of 2017 after a call to start inquiring about his purpose. Many journeys later, he found his way back to his roots in current day Ecuador and Colombia where he lives in communion with other conscious beings from all kingdoms. In loving awareness, returning back to our true essence of divine light.

Contact: [email protected]
Telegram: @arbolito22

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Lauren Albans

Trauma-Informed Somatic Embodiment Facilitator ~ Yin Yoga ~ Somatic Dance ~ Reiki ~ Cacao Circles ~ Laughter Yoga~ Myofacial Release ~ Florist ~ Founder of JourneYin

Lauren successfully completed SomaPsychs Trauma-informed 100-hour Yin yoga teacher training in 2021 and an additional 40hrs of trauma informed facilitation training in 2022. Lauren offers a variety of somatic embodiment practices such as Sound healing, Cacao circles, Laughter yoga, Myofascial release massage, reiki and Shaking medicine facilitation. Lauren creatively weaves in the power of contemplation through compassionate self enquiry through journaling, poetry and vision boards.

She went on to found JourneYin, a platform where she could incorporate all her offerings to the local community, retreats & workshops across Aotearoa and the U.K.

Her passion lies in seamlessly integrating these embodied modalities to create supportive spaces, foster community connections, and invite opportunities for individuals to regulate their nervous systems and discover personal empowerment and equilibrium.

"My hope is to provide participants with opportunities to delve into a self-empowered realm of curiosity, where they can observe, recognize, and navigate their own boundaries of comfort. They are encouraged to listen to their bodies as and when they can and explore at their own pace, fostering inner resilience, self-compassion, and patience for their body, mind, and soul.

I am not here to fix, heal, diagnose or elicit emotional responses. Having a trauma and mental health aware lens enables me to better navigate support for others and stay within my scope of practice. My intention is to offer supportive environments where individuals can connect with their inner landscapes to self-regulate in their own unique time and way, however that unfolds for them. It is humbling and inspiring to witness others stepping into their power, whilst always growing and learning alongside community"

Home | JourneYin

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Amanda Hanna

Trauma-Informed Educator & Practitioner ~ Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer ~ BA Psych / Sociology ~ Director of SomaPsych

Amanda is originally from Canada and has now been living, working, and enjoying life in Aotearoa/New Zealand for more than seven years. Amanda has over fifteen years of experience and training in mindfulness and meditation, body-based practices, person-centred psychology, and trauma-informed trainings, including social justice and inclusivity. Amanda is a Certified Nutritionist and somatic practitioner focusing on nervous system support and hormonal balancing through a person-centred approach. She has a BA in Psych/Socio and is working on her Master's degree.

Amanda facilitates regular workshops, somatic offerings, and trainings with an emphasis on trauma-informed facilitation, resilience, nervous system regulation, neuroscience, and polyvagal-informed embodied practices. By weaving together somatics and nervous system regulation practices, Amanda creates a brave space where individuals can explore their internal landscape and cultivate their innate capacity for resilience and restoration to thrive in their everyday lives.

She works with organizations, groups, and individuals to change the way we understand, interact with, and experience whole-being wellness and vitality. For more information or to connect with Amanda, check out www.somapsych.org or email [email protected] :)

Socials -
IG - https://www.instagram.com/soma.psych/
FB - https://www.facebook.com/somapsychnz

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