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Scroll down to read what people have to say about embodying Shaking Medicine.

“Omg you look so amazing!! So healthy, so strong!! I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH for this creation! It’s huge!!!!! I can see HOW MUCH effort you’ve put into this Intermediate Course! My nervous system is so thankful, so ready to receive this. So much power and perfection! I appreciate you and you’re such a genius inspiring person to me! I really resonate with all of your words and how you work and talk and guide. Feels really similar to how I love to share my practices and teachings. I’m stoked for the training and I love that you filmed it in Bali. I feel all my needs will be met and SO much more! Such quality! Wow!! Love working with you. I’m all in. 😎👍❤️"
~Joeke Hoeboer
“Shaking Medicine has been an immense part of my healing and transformation over the last few years.
Our teacher and founder Keith embodies what he teaches, the modality itself is immensely beneficial (more than a modality it is a "remembrance" of our innate healing mechansims + a way to feel true bliss in the moment).
The community is beautiful.
If you have been curious about Shaking Medicine the teacher training is an amazing opportunity to dive in"
~Nathalie Paul
"Thank you Keith! Forever grateful to you for guiding me into this practise! Life changing :)"
~Zoe Everest
"As soon as I saw Shaking Medicine I knew I wanted to do it - I was drawn to its ancient roots and the simplicity and creativity of Keith’s approach. Shaking Medicine is a profound healing tool but importantly, it’s fun too! Keith is a fantastic teacher and he has a lovely, gentle presence which immediately puts you at ease. Definitely try it if you get the chance – I use it regularly and it is truly life-changing."
~Katherine Bassford
"This was my first experience with Shaking Medicine and it was incredible. I feel like I shook off everything unwanted and have been left with such a profound sense of peace. Incredible, and we are all carrying this around inside, even more incredible, Thank you."
"This was such an amazing experience. I am currently experiencing huge life traumas and during and following this class tears have been streaming down my face. At first could not feel the tremours, but once starting the lunges i could really feel something new happening. I am so happy that I have been turned towards this practise and will continue the 40 days and beyond. Thankyou, thankyou and thankyou again."
"Hearing about Shaking Medicine, my curiosity was sparked right away!  What Dr. Keith Motes is teaching is a medicine of human vibration and intuition that is ancient and new.  Something my body took to immediately, as if I've always known how to move in this way!  
I first heard of Shaking Medicine through my studies of the science behind sound, voice and somatics and the power we hold for moving our own stored and often stuck energies, creating greater flow of health.  I researched where I could learn more about this 'shaking' or  'innate, neurogenic tremoring mechanism' we all hold inside of us.  I am forever grateful that I found Keith and his Shaking Medicine Foundation.  
Keith's Teacher Training was affordable, easy to follow and packed full of exactly what I needed to fully embody this as a practice in my own life.  I am now living with an even greater understanding of myself as my own instrument of self healing and am stronger and more resilient than I was before taking this course.  I am also confidently equipped with the working knowledge of how to lead others on their own journey of discovery and embodiment.  I'm honored to be a part of sharing this extremely effective, immensely and comprehensively beneficial Shaking Medicine.  Thank you Keith!  Love in Harmony and Health, xo"
~Chelsea Caroline
“I am absolutely grateful for the teachings I received from Keith during the teacher training; and beyond the teachings... The values and approach Keith offers... It is what makes a difference. 
I can't wait to launch my official events ;). This practice connects us to the Self and to others; it’s amazing.”
~Nathalie Paul
"It was definitely a powerful night session. I have experienced something incredible. Reconnecting with my "indigenous-self." I was so surprised by what came from my body. It has been a beautiful revelation. Thank you Keith, who is such a great teacher and such a nice presence to bring you to a wiser state. I truly recommend you to discover Shaking Medicine."
~Manon Remy
"Dear Keith, Loved your free class. I am keen on exploring the training at some point. At the moment, I am all booked up, considering perhaps early 2022. I am a dancer and have explored shaking though my practice and also via Laughter Yoga. I am at a time in my life where I am finding such a knotted up core, this class really supported some spaciousness. Will be in touch."

~Maria S
"Good morning Keith. Blessings to you on this lovely wintery Monday morning.
Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for sharing this beautiful medicine with others (and me). I have found you and your medicine at the most divine time (of course), and I have taken to your guidance and work like a duck to water. I am receiving so much from the work...I am more grounded, more supple, I am getting up, more focused, and more intuitive. I'm feeling drawn to wanting to just to simply stretch, starting bouncing and tunning into frequencies. The work is just perfect for me. 
Your explanations, mix of theory and practice as I move through the modules is also set up nicely. You are right in your flow. Congratulations on the work you are doing. I look forward to participating further in any of your offerings in the future, and if there is anything I can do to assist in you sharing this medicine to others, I would be happy to help. I am based in Brissi, however am often down your way.  
Sending you much love and endless gratitude." 
"I highly recommend you to try Shaking Medicine at least one time. It has transformed my way of living and I feel we can drink all the green juices and follow the best diets and gym vigorously, and yoga, but if the body is in constant parasympathetic mode, then the body cannot heal no matter how hard we try. This slow calming and therapeutic practice is so worth a moment of your time to really appreciate living happier, healthier and with reduced stress. Love yourself and try Shaking Medicine!"
~Sarah Wolfe
"This morning I did a class of Shaking Medicine with Keith and Beatriz!
It is an AMAZING way to release trauma stuck in the body.
Come along and open yourself to experience and release vibratory patterns in your physical and emotional body and tune into the natural frequency of the planet.
Thank you for this amazing introduction to this fascinating concept."
~Nayane Araujo
"I feel ... WOW ... I feel so vibrant!!!!!! The pain in my knee has vanished and my whole body and breath feel so connected. I have only done classes with others once before and I must admit I couldn't let of the thinking mind...shy lil lass I can be at times..(sadly missed your class at earth Freq) but to do this alone in the comfort of my home with only my neighbors hearing my crazy noises...and my dog hahaa.. I released and vibrated like never before!!!!! Thank you brother. Your guidance held so much heart and inspiration to just let go within this flow. I will use this within my daily practice from now on. Sending blessings beyond..."
"Shaking Medicine is the best for releasing thoughts, emotions, trauma and everything, I do it daily and highly recommend it, even just a few minutes. Check it out!"
~Claire Costello
"Shaking Medicine with Nathalie Paul, amazing experience. Natural medicine through body movement. Yesterday I had a headache and was feeling nauseous and low energy all day from lack of sleep then after a 90 minute session of Shaking Medicine with Nathalie @ Maroubra Beach the headache and nausea was gone and I felt so much lighter, especially in the head. Highly recommend it."
"Shaking Medicine is something powerful. I have never felt so drawn and open in a practice like this before. I have regularly practiced in Taekwondo, Ashtanga Yoga and I occasionally practice Yin and Hatha Yoga. But wow, Shaking Medicine feels like it's just next level, and I hope to become a facilitator to share this practice. I feel the benefits are phenomenal and understand why it would be so beneficial for those with PTSD or any other form of mental health ailment. I felt extremely safe and calm making it easy to release and let go of what no longer served me. I felt energy moving so freely through my entire body. My body, my mind and my heart felt connected and clear throughout the practice as well as after the practice, I feel drawn to practice Shaking Medicine regularly now! WOW! Thanks Keith!"
~Renee King
"Shaking Medicine is a unique and wonderful technique which deepens our connection with our self and releases traumas through a natural healing process. I had a profound experience through liberating and moving stored energies around my body. Keith introduced me to this beautiful technique and he holds a lovely and supportive space for us. Thank you! Highly recommended!"
~Clarice Figueiredo
"I felt my muscles healing. I want to be an athlete, I have been trying so many things to heal, I feel this can really help me on this journey to be natural and organic. Keith is a kind teacher. I am feeling Grateful."
~Gabriela Belardi
"Attending a Shaking Medicine Teacher training was one of the greatest moves I made this year! I was initially sceptical of Shaking Medicine as a new age fad. The scepticism soon shifted to curiosity when I began to understand the ancient roots of Shaking Medicine within humanity, and the science of nervous system regulation as a means to restoring balance within a living system.
I now use Shaking Medicine regularly as a powerful tool to stay centred within my physical body, have a more balanced emotional body and a more quiet mind. Shaking Medicine is super dynamic and adaptable, and easily integrated into a practise of Qi Gong or a run on the beach. It provides a lot of laughter and space for all expressions of the body, and is fun as a group practise.
I have found myself in a more relaxed state, receiving greater benefit from deeper meditations. It has allowed greater focus and grounding within my own path and has provided greater emotional freedom and self-expression within relationships. Physically, I am feeling less tension, greater flexibility and deeper more full breaths.
I will continue to practise and share passionately Shaking Medicine with others, as a tool for a more grounded, calm, and liberating experience of Life!"
~Heath Milton
"I was in Joeke's workshop a while ago. It was exactly what I needed. I could shake my body loose exactly on the pace that was good for me. I saw some people moving very subtle, others with more expression. There was space for our own way to do it. Space to be silent and to make sound.
The way Joeke is guiding the group is very natural. She gives clear directions and she gives confidence.
Shaking Medicine feels very good in my body. I felt very relaxed and energized during the day."
~Veronica Vir
"Such a wonderful experience. Thanks Keith for this amazing workshop at Earth Frequency Festival"
~Mélissa Fort
"A unique practice allowing oneself to connect with themselves and something greater. Shaking Medicine is a holistic practice incorporating different elements relating to meditation and movement. They say: "When your body is the monkey, your mind can become the rock." Dropping into a meditation state becomes much more reachable.
This practice has enriched my lifestyle in many ways; from reducing chronic pain due to a back injury, reducing stress and anxiety levels while at university and diving deeper into who I am and my connection with oneness. Recommended 100%! Come move and shake it offff."
~Juliette Carman
"I have been practicing Yin for 2-3 years in Adelaide, which has helped my body and mind reconnect with who and what I am. I have always unintentionally shook when at rest not knowing why this was so. I always guessed it was my body letting go of unwanted hurt/ energy.
In yin especially in shavasana my body shakes / lets go a little or a lot depending on how much physical pain and or stress I am under. So in July I returned from Vietnam and took my first Shaking Medicine class taught by the legendary Soma Wolfe and although it was foreign and a little weird it felt familiar and somewhat fun.
Recently Soma brought us another Shaking Medicine class in Adelaide which was amazing and one of my favorite classes and finally made a connection for me with my lifetime Shaking.
I would call myself a part time Yogi but I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful community and have made some really good friendships from it.
Many thanks to Keith for touching base today!"
~Matt Burr
"With a full and grateful heart, I give thanks to Keith and his Shaking Medicine workshop I recently had the good fortune to attend. Such a truly healing modality was greatly complemented by Keith's amazing presence and great humility. He facilitated with an energy that was at once gentle and yet commanding of my full attention.
I found the whole evening very healing on a fundamental level of my being. Spiritually and emotionally purging and so very soothing to my frazzled nervous system. By the end of the class, I had inexplicable quiet tears in my eyes and it was a beautifully profound moment. I intend to incorporate this amazing modality into my daily practices.
Thank you, Keith! 💖🙏 Many blessings,"
~Laura Elizabeth
"What an amazing experience. So excited to explore this further, thank you Keith Motes for your guidance today….Big Love."
~Low E Taylor
"I do this subconsciously and it happened 4 years ago. I got told by drs there was something wrong with me and then that it was non epileptic seizures. I’m a natural intuitive and I know everything is made of energy in many forms and it’s a release 💕 and thanks for making that clearer for me, it made more sense to me than any dr could have said, and it’s more the fact that this Shaking Medicine makes logical sense as well. But it really put me even more at ease and gave me confirmation of what I felt intuitively what the tremors were thanks to Keith, because I wasn’t just thinking it was energy in my head, I would know it was energy deep down, nothing came up on my tests at drs, they checked for everything, I had nothing. Still I get them and I remember you told me to allow the energy to move through me so I’m glad I’m writing this because it’s a massive reminder as well."
~Angel Gianni
"My experience of Shaking Medicine was transcendental and really deep. I released old emotions stored in my body and felt amazingly light and free after it. 100% recommended."
~Beatriz Vianna Baptistella De Moraes Pinto
"So a few weeks before the end of 2020 I started doing Shaking Medicine Classes on a regular basis. I combined these practises with Yin Yoga, another one of my favorites Felt SO good and like I shared above, I intended to have the most relaxed nervous system. And I feel like I did!
I had the most relaxed holiday season ever!
I feel like my self regulation in general is also feeling amazing, due to what I've learned in the Shaking Medicine Teacher Training.
Thank you so much Keith for offering these classes online! They are amazing and super healing for my journey. X"
~Joeke Hoeboer
I Shake everyday in my own way and it makes my life better.
I've shaken myself to tears, I've released Deep bodily trauma with it and I shake regularly in any way I need to feel better.
Sometimes it's a foot, sometimes it's a session of whole body Carpet-Catharsis and sometimes it's a "Mini-seizure before bed.
A very simple and life changing technique that I would Recommend to just about anyone.
Give it a go, and Let yourself Go.
#ShakeEverydayMan. Love you Keith"
~Zach Simmons
"From attending Keith’s workshops I have been given an exciting new perspective and understanding of how my body can naturally release muscle tension, trauma and emotional anxiety. I am very grateful for having had the chance to attend his classes during my time in Australia as I now have incorporated these concepts into my everyday routine and they continue to help immensely with my scoliosis and muscle/joint pain. Thank you Keith for the work that you do to bring this ancient knowledge to more people!"
~Hannah Devries
"I’m very satisfied so far with the course! I’m so excited to continue my practice - I was able to shake vigorously after watching just 7-8 minutes of the first class! I can already call the shakes by command and adjust the intensity easily."
"I love this practice. I am so interested in somatic release and know of its importance for me in regulating the nervous system. Cannot get enough of it! I love the truth and stillness that comes through in my body after this simple shaking practice. Thanks again!"
~Kat Barker
"As a teacher and student of yoga, qi gong and baguazhang, as well as a naturopath, body therapist and healer, I really love the systematic approach of Shaking Medicine.
The 5 layers of the practice - moving through body stretching, body and energy movement, shaking medicine, internal energy and breath practices and inner witness meditation - just make a lot of sense and flow into each other effortlessly, offering immediate healing and freedom in the body and mind. After practicing with Dr Keith Motes I felt amazing, lighter and brighter."
~Odonata Ky
"Y’all know how much I love to shimmy and shake! I found the perfect class to take the shakin’ to the next level! Check out Shaking Medicine with beautiful brother Keith Motes! Profound shifts in my body and I am excited to see where this Shaking Medicine journey takes me."
~Suebee Fee
"A simple and unique approach to get out of our mindset and explore another dimension of what our bodies are able to express and liberate themselves from. Keith guides us gently with his voice by flowing through various movements to let our body express itself, and to be the Observer of liberating ourselves from what does not serve us. It is very powerful and profound. We unite our energies to provide support in our personal release. I have a real confidence in Shaking Medicine and I am really grateful to have crossed Keith’s path and to integrate this Shaking Medicine into my daily practice. Thousand thanks for this humble teacher with his wisdom and love. Namaste"
~Tamara Alana
"Excellent tutelage by a passionate and intelligent teacher. Thanks Keith Motes."
~Michael Wiesner
"From attending Keith’s workshops I have been given an exciting new perspective and understanding of how my body can naturally release muscle tension, trauma and emotional anxiety. I am very grateful for having had the chance to attend his classes during my time in Australia as I now have incorporated these concepts into my every day routine and they continue to help immensely with my scoliosis and muscle/joint pain. Thank you Keith for the work that you do to bring this ancient knowledge to more people!"
~Margo Free
"Excellent project. I had the opportunity to assist to one of the sessions and I had a really good time exploring powerful sensations and a deep connection with the Kundalini energy throughout multiple conscious body movement explorations. Absolutely recommended."
~Juan Cortes Mancilla
"Beautiful session, totally what my body needed. Such a powerful tool for moving stagnant energy and healing."
~Jasmine White
“I noticed initially how tight my body felt. Gradually it began to soften and I noticed there is a ways to go. The voluntary shaking felt good but the involuntary therapeutic tremoring shaking came through lightly. There was a strong longing to rock my body rhythmically. My entry into meditation was very natural. I'm very moved by this. Thanks!"
~Vanessa Ventiroso


“I really recommend this teacher training!!!! I did it this winter and it brought me so much joy, surrender and so much more. It gave me tools for understanding myself better and for helping others. I'm planning to do it again."
~Chiara Clearlove
“The weekend was amazing learning in this unique group. The energy level was something I can't even describe, so if you get a chance-attending Shaking Medicine Teacher Training is a must!
Keith lead my first ever Shaking Medicine experience at Confest (an alternative bush campout festival held in the south-eastern states of Australia) and coming from this pulping industry myself, I never experienced anything like this before and so to be able to work with the body to help process my emotions out was so helpful to me, and so I can see this will really make a difference to transforming many people's lives."
~Francis Voon
“Best thing I ever did, get on it peeps!🔥"
~Zoe Everest
“Thank you for sharing, it’s so relaxing!"
~Michelle Chang
“I took the first module of the Shaking Medicine Beginners Course this evening and it was so effective, amazing and healing. My body was crickin crackin adjusting loosening relaxing, what a joy and greatly gifted teacher."
~Claudia Skinner Brown
“Another gift from the universe!! Keith Motes! I’m going to grab the Beginners Course as well!!! ✨"
~Julia Araiz
“I love Keith Motes! He is an incredible healer!"
~Lisa Hamilton
"I am loving this journey of sharing Shaking Medicine. It has enriched my life on many levels.
I’m about to release my first offering called, Flowing Illumination, that will be a small container sharing Shaking Medicine intimately for women on the Divine Feminine pathway of integrating love, light and abundance 🙌
Infinite Gratitude & blessings to our beautiful Shaking Medicine Tribe."
~Kareena Samantha
How's your Shaking Medicine  Beginners Course going?

“Very successful, Keith,
I find the shaking during the classes very easy and spontaneous.
And I have incorporated a quick shake, night and morning, into my daily routine. A couple of things to note: Osteoarthritis in my hip seems to be diminishing, and: after completing the SM Beginners Course last Sunday, I developed a cold, (which I view as a Detox) - the first cold I've had snice Covid appeared on our shores.
“Woooaaa You made my day! 😀 Our video call this morning and the shaking activated me so much. I can have multiple orgasmes right now if I want 😆 You know, this area was so locked before I met you.
It was incredible how my body immediately understood your exercises, I started trembling in the first second and it made me cry because it’s something that I always sensed but kind of hid because we are programmed to stand still so we don’t appear strange to people.
Also, something that I felt since I started Vipassana many years ago is that my meditation didn’t want to stay static. I had the feeling that my body wanted to dance because of the sensations. I felt to follow what my body was telling me but I couldn’t because Vipassana doesn’t allow us to move really so I always felt Vipassana wasn’t the perfect option to me.
I think this shaking is the one that is meant to be for me!
I found it also very playful and fun to let the body express in this way. 😜 Thanks so much for giving me this chance !🥰🙌🏻🙏🏻"
~Jil Ripault


“My wife urged me to do this. I have done 2 sessions in the last 3 days and the intensity of the 2 sessions were mind blowing. This truly helped me with mental and physical trauma. Thank you❤"
~Alex Tasch
“Thank you so much Keith for a wonderful session
I had the absolute best sleep last night
I felt like I had taken a sleeping tablet but I hadn’t
So I’m now inspired to do more shaking medicine
So thank you so much 😍"
~Rochelle Gance

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