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What is Shaking Medicine?

Shaking Medicine (SM) focuses on embodying your instinctive mechanism of therapeutic tremoring. This mechanism has evolved over millions of years as hygiene for your nervous system to optimise your health and bring you into homeostasis.

It is for people in all stages of life. It naturally unravels stress, anxiety, trauma and more, which are the root causes of many ailments. In Shaking Medicine you let go of control, surrender, and allow your body to move you and spontaneously shake you.

It is more like remembering something already within you rather than learning something new. It empowers you to expand, ground, let go, trust, love, and fully live life!

Shaking Medicine is a somatic body-based modality founded by Dr Keith Motes. We are organized as a non-profit called the Shaking Medicine Foundation based in Australia offering our services worldwide.

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Why Shaking Medicine?

Embodying Shaking Medicine provides many benefits for you physically, energetically, emotionally, and mentally. People from all walks of life may benefit. Click to read more.

Certified in 39 Countries

Dr Keith Motes

Founder of the Shaking Medicine Foundation

Dr. Keith Motes started this Shaking Medicine (SM) modality after having a profound experience involving therapeutic tremoring. For Keith, this revolutionary experience happened without him being taught this phenomenon or even ever hearing about it before. Leading up to this experience he had been growing from practising and teaching Yoga & Qi Gong. This gave him the capacity to trust his innate instinctive intelligence enough to tune into what his body was intuitively asking him to do which was to let go, relax, allow, and shake in the spontaneous and uncontrolled fashion that our inner animalistic nature knows how to do.
Finding the shake was a pivotal point in Keith’s life that led him to passionately explore, develop, study, and embody SM. SM led to extraordinary shifts in Keith’s life as for the first time he began dissolving trauma in his body that his other practices simply didn't tap into. Keith became curious if others would receive similar benefits, so he began experimenting with sharing this with others. With creative experimentation and using his Yogic and Taoist knowledge to make sure the practice remained safe and grounded, he became quite proficient at inviting people into their own unique therapeutic tremoring experiences with very positive results. Keith began sharing this work more professionally while evolving this SM modality to this day. Today SM is being shared around the globe. For more about Keith, visit our Teachers Page where you’ll find his extended bio, thesis, and publications.
Keith Motes Shaking Medicine


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