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Welcome to Shaking Medicine

Shaking Medicine is all about exploring your instinctive therapeutic tremor mechanism. We are inspired by nature, ancient cultures all over the world, modern day science and our experience.
This type of shaking has profound potential benefits for your health and well-being.
Unfortunately, Shaking Medicine has become taboo in our culture and has been mostly forgotten; however, we aim to help people all over the world remember it.
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What is Shaking Medicine?

Shaking Medicine is a holistic therapy utilizing what is already within you. You’ll remember an instinctive mechanism that you can access at any time for self-regulation, healing and maintaining homeostasis.
It is very different from ordinary shaking. As it moves through you it unravels physical, emotional and psychological tension while bringing about a parasympathetic (rest n digest) state of deep relaxation. In this state biological functions, such as metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. operate at their optimal state for promoting health and well-being.
Through regular maintenance with Shaking Medicine you let go of the pains and tensions inside of you that do not serve you and ‘resonate’ back into a more present-centered-grounded-loving-child-like innocent state of equilibrium and balance.
To truly understand it, you must embody it! The journey is unique for everyone as we all have our very different set of life experiences. Check out this one minute video and scroll down to learn more.

How does Shaking Medicine work?

Shaking Medicine is primarily a practice of learning to let go of control and trusting your intuition.
To access therapeutic tremoring, we first guide you into a present, grounded, and centred state so that the practice is done safely and effectively.
Once in this state, we invite you to begin tuning into your tremor mechanism.
As this happens, these tremors begin to move through you bit by bit.
This will likely happen in your first session or, more rarely, it may take a few sessions.
It is very worth sticking with it until you do find it. This is a natural mechanism within all mammals that has evolved over millions of years. It is within you too and once you remember it you will be able to access it for life.
We emphasize and share with you how to self-regulate your practice to keep it safe, effective and fun!
The shake generally feels pleasant, refreshing, nourishing, rejuvenating, energizing and even child-like as you make a conscious choice to self-induce the shaking to heal and unravel anything that does not serve you.

Certified and Insurable in 39 Countries

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Benefits of Shaking Medicine

As your nervous system re-calibrates itself many potential benefits may occur, which will greatly compliment your quality of life and other health and well-being practices you have.
Most of us are aware that we need good physical and dietary hygiene for staying healthy. Shaking Medicine provides hygiene for not only your physical but also your energetic, emotional and spiritual well-being.
The reported potential benefits are extensive and are described from its many various origins that we learn from as well as our own experience in embodying and sharing the medicine of shaking.
Everyone from all walks of life may benefit from Shaking Medicine: from young to old, strong to weak, athletic or not, lean to heavy, in serious, mild or no trauma, mentally unbalanced to mentally healthy and much more.
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  • Alleviate your pains, aches, injuries, tensions and blockages.
  • Tone muscle. Lose weight. Soften tight fascia. Enhance strength, flexibility and reflexes. Improve stamina. Quicken recovery time, Improve lymphatic transport.
  • It relaxes, centers, and grounds us for greater stability and peace of body and mind.
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  • Improve your energy, sleep, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression and emotional regulation.
  • Relieve your trauma, suppressed emotions and mental health ailments such as PTSD.
  • Enhance your resilience to future traumatic events and free up fear and apprehension.
  • Raise your feeling, emotional, instinctive and intuitive intelligence.
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  • Free up psychological trauma and mental issues.
  • Be in your most resonant, happy, healthy and energetic state of being.
  • Increase your sensitivity and perception.
  • Cultivate lifeforce energy (prana, qi, mana) in a unique, fundamental, and vibrational way.
  • Find greater peace of mind to make living more fun, organic, natural and spontaneous.

Dr Keith R Motes

Founder of Shaking Medicine Foundation

Keith Motes is a quantum physicist (PhD) from Louisiana, USA and Yoga teacher of both Indian and Taost-Chinese styles. He is learning about energy from both the intellectual and the experiential. Keith has completed his PhD at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia with his thesis titled, “Routes Towards Optical Quantum Technology ­--- New Architectures and Applications,” has invented world record breaking quantum computing technologies, and has been teaching for more than a decade. He is passionately embodying and sharing Yoga, Neidan, and this new, yet very ancient art and science of Shaking Medicine.
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In your Members Portal you get a 20-day Free Trial to 51+ inspiring Shaking Medicine classes with world-class facilitators for going deep into the medicine of shaking. Your Teachers Portal is for you to deepen further, become a certified and insurable Shaking Medicine Teacher in 27 countries and for on-going support for you and teachers all over the world to stay up to date with the latest in sharing Shaking Medicine.
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Deepen with many tools, practices, concepts and information in this intelligently designed course delivered by our world-class Shaking Medicine Tribe for mastering the shake and tuning your instinctive and intuitive intelligence.

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We have trainings online and in-person. We certify you to share this medicine safely and effectively utilizing diverse knowledge and wisdom. We are approved and insurable through the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

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The Healing Power of Ecstatic Movement

Dr. Bradford Keeney has made incredible progress on uncovering the mysteries of Shaking Medicine in this book. He spent much of his life traveling to cultures all over the world who actively use Shaking Medicine including the worlds oldest custodians of Shaking Medicine, the Khalahari Bushman, who have been using and progressing this medicine in their culture for 60,000+ years. They are perhaps the worlds most mastered shakers. These bushman predict that this medicine will arise again this century to help with the collective healing of the world. Click the picture to grab your copy and read Keeney's fascinating book. 
Read Now


The Shaking Medicine Foundation is an ever growing and evolving not-for-profit foundation for uplifting people all over the world. We aim to help people realize their full potential and optimize their quality of life by reminding people to safely, easily and joyously access their own in-built instinctive mechanism of spontaneous therapeutic shaking. We support, fund, and collaborate with community, sustainable projects, etc. that provide benevolent and philanthropic services to the world.  
We are an umbrella that welcomes all types of knowledge, skills and practices that complement the art and science of Shaking Medicine. Each sharing of a Shaking Medicine journey is as unique as each individuals’ process every time they allow the shaking to move through them. For this reason our Shaking Medicine Tribe are encouraged to create their own unique style of sharing that is built upon the solid backbone of wisdom that we are continuously growing and evolving in.  
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There is nothing quite like collaboration. Would you like to host or collaborate on Shaking Medicine events, classes, workshops, immersions, retreats, teacher trainings, festivals, health and wellness events, charities, media, blogging, public speaking, outreach, affiliate, ambassador, corporate/ business wellness or others? Contact us to collaborate.
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