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Shaking Medicine™ aims to uplift the world safely, easily, and joyously through re-empowering people with their own in-built instinctive mechanism of spontaneous-involuntary shaking for healing.

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What is Shaking Medicine?

Shaking Medicine is an important mechanism within us that heals the body through our nervous system. When we access Shaking Medicine, we are using our body's innate-instinctive intelligence to involuntarily shake our body to heal it. We follow our feeling and allow the shake as though it has a mind of its own.  Through this process our nervous system recalibrates us, releases trapped emotions, clears physical blockages, injuries and much more, so that we may enjoy a happier and more joyous life. 

How Does Shaking Medicine Work?

It works by bringing us deep into our parasympathetic relaxed states of our nervous system. It is a practice of learning to let go of control and trusting ourselves. When we relax enough so that we move out of ‘fight, flight, and freeze’ mode, our mind-body will begin healing itself all on its own and clearing out what does not serve us.

As we become more and more clear, we can allow the infinite ways of expressing energy to unfold naturally. This process guided with wisdom from all of its roots as well insights from those who are embodying Shaking Medicine all around the world.

Origins of Shaking Medicine

Shaking Medicines' origins lie ultimately from Mother Nature, who gifted us with this mammalian birthright, as well as indigenous cultures all over the world, ancient traditions of Indian and Taoist Yoga, modern-day shaking and movement practices, and Science.

Benefits of Shaking Medicine


It helps to clear our system of physical pains, blockages and traumas, which enhances strength and flexibility, helps heal injuries, quickens recovery time, and much more.

It relaxes, centers, and grounds us for greater peace of body and mind.


It helps with healing emotional trauma and pain, mental health ailments like PTSD, improving sleep, and reducing insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and more.

It gives us a powerful tool for regulating emotions, improving feeling intelligence, growing emotional intelligence, and enhancing our resilience to future traumatic events whether they be small or big.


It is an integral part of bringing us into our most resonant, happy, healthy and energetic state of being.

It increases our sensitivity and perception and teaches us to cultivate and direct energy (lifeforce, prana, Qi) in a unique, fundamental, and vibrational way and makes meditation easy and effortless.

Ethos Of Shaking Medicine Foundation

Shaking Medicine™ is a foundation for reminding people of this powerful art. It is an ever growing and evolving fluid practice.

It aims to uplift the world through re-empowering people safely, easily, and joyously with their own in-built instinctive mechanism of spontaneous-involuntary shaking or, as Science calls it, neurogenic therapeutic tremoring.

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Dr Keith R. Motes

Founder of Shaking Medicine Foundation and Online Teacher

Keith Motes is a quantum physicist (PhD) from Louisiana, USA and Yoga teacher of both Indian and Taost-Chinese styles. He is learning about energy from both the intellectual and the experiential. Keith has completed his PhD at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia with his thesis titled, “Routes Towards Optical Quantum Technology ­--- New Architectures and Applications,” has invented world record breaking quantum computing technologies, and has been teaching for more than a decade. He is passionately embodying and sharing the new yet ancient art of Shaking Medicine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Be introduced to the science of what Shaking Medicine is all about,
  • Understand the basic principles of how and why the Yogis and Taoists practiced Shaking Medicine,
  • Understand how to practice Shaking Medicine,
  • Learn how to get the most out of your practice,
  • Experience a full Shaking Medicine class so that you can feel, embody and begin reaping the benefits of Shaking Medicine,
  • Learn more about the story and experiences of Dr. Keith.

Yes. We humans are mammals. Mammals in nature instinctively shake to heal themselves of traumatic experiences and for the maintenance of their health. As mammals, we too have a built in instinctive shaking mechanism that acts as an anti-virus for our nervous system thus promoting organic self-healing. ​​​​​​​Here are video examples of a Polar Bear and an Impala using this mechanism in nature to heal.  Click link to open video.

The Polar Bear is in shock after being chased by a helicopter and tranquilized. Upon awakening he begins involuntarily shaking to discharge this shock. The narrator of the video speaks as though this is a common occurrence that he sees regularly. 

The Impala is in the jaws of a Leopard in freeze response to fool the Leopard into thinking he is dead. The Leopard is later frightened away by approaching Baboons. Sensing that he is now safe the Impala begins discharging the near-death trauma through neurogenic tremoring. 

This practice of Shaking Medicine may also be referred to as Shaking Yoga, Whole Body Vibration, ZiFa Gong, Kundalini meditation, Kundalini, Spontaneous Kundalini Kriya, neurogenic Yoga, neurogenic therapeutic tremoring (tremoring), involuntary shaking, somatic movement and more.

Shaking Medicine is actually very easy to learn. The experience is more like remembering something rather than learning something new because involuntary shaking is already part of you. The majority of people get involuntary shaking in their first session. Nearly all people get it within 2-3 sessions. 


"As a teacher and student of yoga, qi gong and baguazhang, as well as a naturopath, body therapist and healer, I really love the systematic approach of E-motion yoga. The 5 layers of the practice - moving through body stretching, body and energy movement, shaking medicine, internal energy and breath practices and inner witness meditation - just make a lot of sense and flow into each other effortlessly, offering immediate healing and freedom in the body and mind. After practicing with Dr Keith Motes I felt amazing, lighter and brighter. Thank you Odonata Ky"

Odonata Ky
Owner and Naturopath at Odonata - Mind Body Soul

"Shaking Medicine is something powerful. I have never felt so drawn and open in a practice like this before. I have regularly practiced in Taekwondo, Ashtanga Yoga and I occasionally practice Yin and Hatha Yoga. But wow, Shaking Medicine feels like it's just next level, and I hope to become a facilitator to share this practice. I feel the benefits are phenomenal and understand why it would be so beneficial for those with PTSD or any other form of mental health ailment. I felt extremely safe and calm making it easy to release and let go of what no longer served me. I felt energy moving so freely through my entire body. My body, my mind and my heart felt connected and clear throughout the practice as well as after the practice, I feel drawn to practice Shaking Medicine regularly now! WOW! Thanks Keith!"

Renee King
Registered Music Therapist at Inala - supporting individuals with disability

"It was definitely a powerful night session. I have experienced something incredible. Reconnecting with my "indigenous-self". I was so surprised by what came from my body. It has been a beautiful revelation. Thank you Keith, who is such a great teacher and such a nice presence to bring you to a wiser state. I truly recommend you to discover Shaking Medicine."

Manon Uma
Founder of

"Shaking Medicine has helped me tremendously, since I learnt the technique, I have been using it to release stress and traumas from my body. At the end of a long day I find it one of the best ways to release and come back into ease. I have little periods throughout the day too where I let myself twitch or have a shaking session and drop all of the tension held in my body. It’s an awesome reset and helps me be more effective as a human being. Thanks Dr. Keith! "

Zach Simmons
Public Speaker - Conscious Poet

"Shaking Medicine has quickly become a very exciting and new addition to my daily yoga practice. Keith holds a completely loving and supportive space to break through my barriers and limitations! In my many classes of Shaking Medicine with Keith, I’ve experienced releases of emotion in the ways of laughter, pain, trauma, tears and complete bliss. This practice is a beautiful, all-accepting space for everybody. After Shaking, I never fail to emerge feeling transformed, with a heightened sense of understanding, awareness and trust. When I shake, I feel I shake away any energetic heaviness or weight I no longer need to carry with me! It’s become very obvious to me how important this practice is for myself and I believe that all human body’s WANT to shake!! We just need to give our bodies the space and surrendering to do so. Keith truly embodies this practice of what he preaches: letting the body be free in movement without judgement or of trying to control. I love that he encourages sounds as well! Sighing, moaning, groaning, laughing, and crying! I feel so grateful and inspired by him for embodying this Medicine with so much loving care. Thank you, Keith!"

Hannah Devries
Yoga Instructor

"A simple and unique approach to get out of our mindset and explore another dimension of what our bodies are able to express and liberate themselves from. Keith guides us gently with his voice by flowing through various movements to let our body express itself, and to be the Observer of liberating ourselves from what does not serve us. It is very powerful and profound. We unite our energies to provide support in our personal release. I have a real confidence in Shaking Medicine and I am really grateful to have crossed Keith’s path and to integrate this Shaking Medicine into my daily practice. Thousand thanks for this humble teacher with his wisdom and love. Namaste"

Nah Masté
Planting seeds, Celebrating Life, Unconditional Love

"Excellent project. I had the opportunity to assist to one of the sessions and I had a really good time exploring powerful sensations and a deep connection with the Kundalini energy throughout multiple conscious body movement explorations. Absolutely recommended."

Juan Cortes Mancilla
Director (company) at Equilibre Audiovisual

"I felt my muscles healing. I want to be an athlete, I have been trying so many things to heal, I think this can really help me on this journey to be natural/ organic. Keith is a kind teacher. I am feeling Grateful."

Gabriela Belardi

"My experience of Shaking Medicine was transcendental and really deep. I released old emotions stored in my body and felt amazingly light and free after it. 100% recommended."

Beatriz Vianna Baptistella De Moraes Pinto
Dancer, Children’s Care

"Beautiful session, totally what my body needed. Such a powerful tool for moving stagnant energy and healing."

Jasmine White

"Y’all know how much I love to shimmy and shake! I found the perfect class to take the shakin’ to the next level! Check out Shaking Medicine with beautiful brother Keith Motes! Profound shifts in my body and I am excited to see where this Shaking Medicine journey takes me."

Suebee Fee
Women's Circles, Dance Journeys, Conscious Events

"What an amazing experience. So excited to explore this further, thank you Keith Motes for your guidance today….big love."

Low E Taylor
Yoga. Climbing. Waterfalls. Surfing. Van Life.

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