Shaking Medicine

Reminding people of their instinctive mechanism of spontaneous therapeutic tremoring for vibrant health.

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What is Shaking Medicine?

Shaking Medicine arises from a mostly forgotten instinctive intelligence within us all. It guides us into a spontaneous-therapeutic tremoring that stems from our autonomic nervous system. It is accessed through relaxation and using less effort. It is very different than ordinary shaking. As it moves through us it encourages even deeper parasympathetic states of relaxation. The journey is unique for everyone. It has many benefits, such as unravelling physical tensions, emotional traumas and much more, bringing us into greater harmony and health.


Shaking Medicine

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How Does Shaking Medicine Work?

Shaking Medicine is primarily a practice of learning to let go of control and trusting our intuition. To access this type of shaking, we first guide you into a present, grounded, and centred state so that the practice is done safely and effectively. Once we are in this state, we are more receptive for accessing Shaking Medicine, from which we begin tuning into the spontaneous therapeutic shake. As this happens, these shakes, quakes, tremors, trembles, shudders, vibrations or whatever one would like to call them, move through us taking us further into parasympathetic states of our autonomic nervous system, which is the opposite of stress and anxiety causing fight, flight and freeze states. We do not force the shake to happen. It feels pleasant, refreshing, nourishing, rejuvenating, energizing and even child-like. As we shake more, we go deeper into healing and clearing out what does not serve us. This is hygiene on the electrical level of the nervous system.


Many benefits may occur through this process of Shaking Medicine as our nervous system recalibrates us allowing a happier and more vibrant-loving life. Everyone from all walks of life can benefit from Shaking Medicine. It acts upon the deeper layers of our being providing hygiene for not only our physical but also our energetic, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The benefits are extensive and described from various aspects of its’ origins. There are benefits for pretty much everyone from young to old, strong to weak, athletic or not, lean to heavy, in serious, mild or no trauma, mentally unbalanced to mentally healthy and much more. This involuntary shaking regulates our nervous system in such a unique and easy way. Most people in our culture rarely experience this throughout their whole life. Humans, who are also mammals, are immensely benefited from remembering this instinctive mechanism, which greatly compliments other health and wellbeing practices.


Alleviate your pains, aches, injuries, tensions and blockages.

Tone muscle. Lose weight. Soften tight fascia. Enhance strength, flexibility and reflexes. Improve stamina. Quicken recovery time, Improve lymphatic transport.

It relaxes, centers, and grounds us for greater stability and peace of body and mind.


Improve your energy, sleep, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional regulation.

Unravel your trauma, suppressed emotions and various mental health ailments such as PTSD.

Enhance your resilience to future stressful or traumatic events and free up apprehension.

Raise your feeling and emotional intelligence.


Be in your most resonant, happy, healthy and energetic state of being.

Increase your sensitivity and perception.

Cultivate energy (lifeforce, prana, Qi, mana) in a unique, fundamental, and vibrational way.

Find greater peace of mind to make living more fun, organic, natural and spontaneous.

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Ethos Of Shaking Medicine Foundation

The Shaking Medicine Foundation is an ever growing and evolving not-for-profit foundation for uplifting people all over the world. We aim to help people realize their full potential and optimize their quality of life by reminding people to safely, easily and joyously access their own in-built instinctive mechanism of spontaneous therapeutic shaking.

We are an umbrella that welcomes all types of knowledge, skills and practices that complement the art and science of Shaking Medicine. Each sharing of a Shaking Medicine journey is as unique as each individuals’ process every time they allow the shaking to move through them.

Dr Keith R. Motes

Founder of Shaking Medicine Foundation and Online Teacher

Keith Motes is a quantum physicist (PhD) from Louisiana, USA and Yoga teacher of both Indian and Taost-Chinese styles. He is learning about energy from both the intellectual and the experiential. Keith has completed his PhD at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia with his thesis titled, “Routes Towards Optical Quantum Technology ­--- New Architectures and Applications,” has invented world record breaking quantum computing technologies, and has been teaching for more than a decade. He is passionately embodying and sharing Yoga, Neidan, and this new yet ancient art of Shaking Medicine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of Shaking Medicine is all guided simply, powerfully, and effectively with wisdom taught from all of its origins. Shaking Medicine’s origins lie ultimately from mother nature, who gifted us with this mammalian birthright that animals in nature use regularly. Mammals in nature instinctively shake to heal themselves of traumatic experiences and for the maintenance of their health. Check out the polar bear and gazelle in the next FAQ item. As mammals, we too have this built in instinctive shaking mechanism that acts like an anti-virus for our nervous system promoting organic self-healing.

The world is rich with cultures who have explored and advanced the art of shaking. Some have been doing this for a very long time, and so, we also learn and teach from their wisdom including: indigenous cultures all over the world, our ancestors, ancient traditions of Indian and Taoist Yoga, modern-day shaking and movement practices, scientific research, as well as those who are embodying Shaking Medicine all around the world.

Yes. We humans are mammals. Mammals in nature instinctively shake to heal themselves of traumatic experiences and for the maintenance of their health. As mammals, we too have a built in instinctive shaking mechanism that acts as an anti-virus for our nervous system thus promoting organic self-healing. ​​​​​​​Here are video examples of a Polar Bear and an Impala using this mechanism in nature to heal.  Click link to open video.

The Polar Bear is in shock after being chased by a helicopter and tranquilized. Upon awakening he begins involuntarily shaking to discharge this shock. The narrator of the video speaks as though this is a common occurrence that he sees regularly. 

The Impala is in the jaws of a Leopard in freeze response to fool the Leopard into thinking he is dead. The Leopard is later frightened away by approaching Baboons. Sensing that he is now safe the Impala begins discharging the near-death trauma through neurogenic tremoring. 

Shaking Medicine is arguably the oldest medicine on Earth. It is something that many animals have been utilizing since before humans existed. It is an inbuilt mechanism that acts to balance and regulate our nervous system and all that it relates to.

Shaking Medicine has been largely lost in our culture primarily due to various religious and governmental groups throughout his-story.

It has a rich history in indigenous cultures, Yoga, Taoism, modern practices, and science.

Some modern-day Shaking Medicine examples include: Dr. Bradford Keeney (book called Shaking Medicine), Dr. Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics), Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), NeuroPhysics, Osho (Kundalini Meditation), Shakers and Quakers (Religious Groups), Ratu Bagus (Bio Energy Meditation), Neurogenic Yoga, and the African American Church.

Some more ancient examples of people using Shaking Medicine include: Kalahari Bushman of Africa, American Indians, original Australians, Japanese Seiki, Shamans, Biblical Figures, Taoist Monks (ZiFa Gong),​​​​​​​ and Yogis (Kriya).

This shaking mechanism may be related or described similarly to:

  • Neurogenic therapeutic tremoring
  • Spontaneous shaking
  • Involuntary shaking
  • Zifa gong
  • Spontaneous kundalini kriya
  • Shaking yoga
  • Neurogenic yoga
  • Emotional yoga
  • Trauma release
  • Vibrational therapy
  • Whole body vibration
  • Somatic therapy
  • And more

Shaking Medicine is actually very easy to learn. The experience is more like remembering something rather than learning something new because involuntary shaking is already part of you. The majority of people get involuntary shaking in their first session. Nearly all people get it within 2-3 sessions. 

There is certainly a difference between therapeutic tremoring, which is what Shaking Medicine teaches, and tremoring caused by other, sometimes non-therapeutic reasons. Shaking in our culture has largely been associated with the more non-therapeutic type and has thus been seen as something bad and something to be scared of. We are here to say it is nothing to be scared of. 

The fact is that tremoring can be therapeutic and sometimes when therapeutic tremoring does begin to happen it is misinterpreted as something bad and we suppress it. This suppression of the therapeutic type of tremoring keeps us further holding onto the stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions, trauma and more that our bodies want to let go of. This response is natural and instinctive within mammals in nature. Why not us as well? We are designed to use this mechanism, though it has been mostly lost and forgotten in our culture. 

Some reasons why we shake that are not necessarily therapeutic are: various neurological reasons, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, seizures, stroke, brain injuries, dystonia, withdrawal from addictions, drugs, hypoglycemia and more. If you have any of these or other diagnoses, then we recommend you consult your health care professional before beginning. It is likely however that mainstream health care professionals will not know much about neurogenic therapeutic tremoring and so you may need to make up your own mind and do your own research. Whether you practice with or without a diagnosis, or, with or without a health care professionals approval, you do so at your own choice and risk as research regarding this work in relation to dis-eases regarding non-therapeutic tremoring are still in their infancy. There has been significant results in therapeutic tremoring helping people get better from PTSD, mental ailments, obtaining better physical healing and health as well as gaining more energy. Therapeutic shaking helps people heal from stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions and trauma, which are provably leading causes of most health ailments. If helping to reduce stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions and trauma help you with other ailments, then that is awesome though we are primarily providing you with shaking out stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions, trauma, more energy and better physical health, along with the benefits of these things. 

The body often shakes for survival reasons. When we get cold we shiver. When we get overly stressed, anxious, scared or nervous we may begin to shake as a way to start dissipating this build up of energy. The point is that therapeutic tremoring is an extremely potent tool to use for optimal health and it is time to bring it back into our culture and back into the mainstream. 


"Attending a Shaking Medicine Teacher training was one of the greatest moves I made this year! I was initially skeptical of Shaking Medicine as a new age fad. The skepticism soon shifted to curiosity when I began to understand the ancient roots of Shaking Medicine within humanity, and the science of nervous system regulation as a means to restoring balance within a living system. I now use Shaking Medicine regularly as a powerful tool to stay centred within my physical body, have a more balanced emotional body and quiet my mind. Shaking Medicine is super dynamic and adaptable, and easily integrated into a practise of Qi Gong or a run on the beach. It provides a lot of laughter and space for all expressions of the body, and is fun as a group practise. I have found myself in a more relaxed state, receiving greater benefit from deeper meditations. It has allowed greater focus and grounding within my own path and has provided greater emotional freedom and self-expression within relationships. Physically, I am feeling less tension, greater flexibility and deeper more full breaths. I will continue to practise and share passionately Shaking Medicine with others, as a tool for a more grounded, calm, and liberating experience of Life!"

Heath Milton

"It was definitely a powerful night session. I have experienced something incredible. Reconnecting with my "indigenous-self". I was so surprised by what came from my body. It has been a beautiful revelation. Thank you Keith, who is such a great teacher and such a nice presence to bring you to a wiser state. I truly recommend you to discover Shaking Medicine."

Manon Uma
Founder of

"As a teacher and student of yoga, qi gong and baguazhang, as well as a naturopath, body therapist and healer, I really love the systematic approach of Shaking Medicine. The 5 layers of the practice - moving through body stretching, body and energy movement, shaking medicine, internal energy and breath practices and inner witness meditation - just make a lot of sense and flow into each other effortlessly, offering immediate healing and freedom in the body and mind. After practicing with Dr Keith Motes I felt amazing, lighter and brighter. Thank you Odonata Ky"

Odonata Ky
Owner and Naturopath at Odonata - Mind Body Soul

"Shaking Medicine is something powerful. I have never felt so drawn and open in a practice like this before. I have regularly practiced in Taekwondo, Ashtanga Yoga and I occasionally practice Yin and Hatha Yoga. But wow, Shaking Medicine feels like it's just next level, and I hope to become a facilitator to share this practice. I feel the benefits are phenomenal and understand why it would be so beneficial for those with PTSD or any other form of mental health ailment. I felt extremely safe and calm making it easy to release and let go of what no longer served me. I felt energy moving so freely through my entire body. My body, my mind and my heart felt connected and clear throughout the practice as well as after the practice, I feel drawn to practice Shaking Medicine regularly now! WOW! Thanks Keith!"

Renee King
Registered Music Therapist at Inala - supporting individuals with disability

"A simple and unique approach to get out of our mindset and explore another dimension of what our bodies are able to express and liberate themselves from. Keith guides us gently with his voice by flowing through various movements to let our body express itself, and to be the Observer of liberating ourselves from what does not serve us. It is very powerful and profound. We unite our energies to provide support in our personal release. I have a real confidence in Shaking Medicine and I am really grateful to have crossed Keith’s path and to integrate this Shaking Medicine into my daily practice. Thousand thanks for this humble teacher with his wisdom and love. Namaste"

Nah Masté
Planting seeds, Celebrating Life, Unconditional Love

"I highly recommend you to try Shaking Medicine at least one time. It has transformed my way of living and I feel we can drink all the green juices and follow the best diets and gym vigorously, and yoga, but if the body is in constant parasympathetic mode, then the body cannot heal no matter how hard we try. This slow calming and therapeutic practice is so worth a moment of your time to really appreciate living happier, healthier and with reduced stress. Love yourself and try Shaking Medicine!"

Soma Wolfe
Shaking Medicine, Bikram, and Yin Yoga teacher

"SHAKING MEDICINE IS THE BOMB. I Shake everyday in my own way and it makes my life better. I've shaken myself to tears, I've released Deep bodily trauma with it and I shake regularly in any way I need to feel better. Sometimes it's a foot, sometimes it's session of whole body Carpet-Catharsis and sometimes it's a "Mini-seizure before bed. A very simple and life changing technique that I would Recommend to just about anyone. Give it a go, and Let yourself Go. #ShakeEverydayMan Love you Keith "

Zach Simmons
Public Speaker - Conscious Poet

"Shaking Medicine has quickly become a very exciting and new addition to my daily yoga practice. Keith holds a completely loving and supportive space to break through my barriers and limitations! In my many classes of Shaking Medicine with Keith, I’ve experienced releases of emotion in the ways of laughter, pain, trauma, tears and complete bliss. This practice is a beautiful, all-accepting space for everybody. After Shaking, I never fail to emerge feeling transformed, with a heightened sense of understanding, awareness and trust. When I shake, I feel I shake away any energetic heaviness or weight I no longer need to carry with me! It’s become very obvious to me how important this practice is for myself and I believe that all human body’s WANT to shake!! We just need to give our bodies the space and surrendering to do so. Keith truly embodies this practice of what he preaches: letting the body be free in movement without judgement or of trying to control. I love that he encourages sounds as well! Sighing, moaning, groaning, laughing, and crying! I feel so grateful and inspired by him for embodying this Medicine with so much loving care. Thank you, Keith!"

Hannah Devries
Yoga Instructor

"My experience of Shaking Medicine was transcendental and really deep. I released old emotions stored in my body and felt amazingly light and free after it. 100% recommended."

Beatriz Vianna Baptistella De Moraes Pinto
Dancer, Children’s Care

"Excellent project. I had the opportunity to assist to one of the sessions and I had a really good time exploring powerful sensations and a deep connection with the Kundalini energy throughout multiple conscious body movement explorations. Absolutely recommended."

Juan Cortes Mancilla
Director (company) at Equilibre Audiovisual

"I felt my muscles healing. I want to be an athlete, I have been trying so many things to heal, I think this can really help me on this journey to be natural/ organic. Keith is a kind teacher. I am feeling Grateful."

Gabriela Belardi

"Beautiful session, totally what my body needed. Such a powerful tool for moving stagnant energy and healing."

Jasmine White

"Y’all know how much I love to shimmy and shake! I found the perfect class to take the shakin’ to the next level! Check out Shaking Medicine with beautiful brother Keith Motes! Profound shifts in my body and I am excited to see where this Shaking Medicine journey takes me."

Suebee Fee
Women's Circles, Dance Journeys, Conscious Events

"What an amazing experience. So excited to explore this further, thank you Keith Motes for your guidance today….big love."

Low E Taylor
Yoga. Climbing. Waterfalls. Surfing. Van Life.

"Shaking Medicine is a unique and wonderful technique which deepens our connection with our self and releases traumas through a natural healing process. I had a profound experience through liberating and moving stored energies around my body. Keith introduced me to this beautiful technique and he holds a lovely and supportive space for us. Thank you! Highly recommended!"

Clarice Figueiredo
Medical Researcher, Traveler

"I love this practice. I am so interested in somatic release and know of its importance for me in regulating the nervous system. Cannot get enough of it! I love the truth and stillness that comes through in my body after this simple shaking practice. Thanks again!"

Kat Barker
Breath of Bliss Teacher

"A unique practice allowing oneself to connect with themselves and something greater. Shaking Medicine is a holistic practice incorporating different elements relating to meditation and movement. They say: "When your body is the monkey, your mind can become the rock." Dropping into a meditation state becomes much more reachable. This practice has enriched my lifestyle in many ways; from reducing chronic pain due to a back injury, reducing stress and anxiety levels while at university and diving deeper into who I am and my connection with oneness. Recommended 100%! Come move and shake it offff."

Juliette Carman
Shaking Medicine, Dancer, Photographer, Bachelor in Marketing and Sustainability

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