Shaking Medicine Beginners Course

Embody Therapeutic Tremoring for Vibrant Health

Learn how to naturally & somatically alleviate aches, pains, tension, inflammation, stress, anxiety, & trauma all while cultivating more energy, flow states, clarity, resilience, creativity, balance, faster recovery rates, pleasure, and peace in your life.


Embody Your Instinctive Mechanism of Therapeutic Tremoring And Use It To:

  • Access more freedom in your life.
  • Boost your health and vitality.
  • Naturally & somatically let go of aches, pains, tension, inflammation, stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions & trauma.
  • Easily cultivate presence, peace, ease, clarity, more energy, mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, centredness, balance, resilience, spontaneity, playfulness, flow states, creativity, pleasure, intimacy, expressiveness, better performance in sports and work, achieve faster recovery times, and so much more.
  • Access better sleep.
  • Be more productive in your creativity, work, sports, art, etc.
  • Easily relax your mind and body using a powerful way that you have evolved to do so.
  • Access a plethora of benefits to boost your health, life force and vitality.
  • Become empowered with an ability to self-heal and self-regulate your nervous system to have a more peaceful life.
  • Unravel your physiological patternings and tensions.
  • Compliment all you do in your life as having less tension and trauma in your life makes everything better.
  • Learn to move from your instinct instead of your logical head mind.
  • Have fun letting go of what doesn’t serve you and cultivating what does.

It Is Really Easy And Pleasurable!

In The Next Week, You Could…

  • Embody a powerful-instinctive regulatory tool for life.
  • Alleviate the root causes of many ailments.
  • Cultivate a fresh-positive outlook on life.

Make a world of difference in your life with this Shaking Medicine Beginners Course.


What's Included In This Course...


Discover And Experience Your Therapeutic Tremor Mechanism

Here you'll explore the fundamentals of Shaking Medicine including the important basic theory to understand what is going on and to keep your practice safe, fun and effective. You'll embody the bare-bone tools of tuning into Shaking Medicine to embody it. This module contains:

  • (13 min) Talk: Welcome to the Course and Introduction to Shaking Medicine
  • (48 min) Embodiment Class: Discover and Experience Your Therapeutic Tremor Mechanism
  • (12 min) Talk: The True Value of Shaking Medicine

Shaking Medicine To Activate and Rejuvenate

You'll go deeper now into embodying Shaking Medicine in a more active way bringing about deeper nourishing benefits. The more active theme of this class demonstrates the range of applications for which Shaking Medicine can be explored while remaining accessible to all. This module contains:

  • (49 min) Embodiment Class: Activate and Rejuvenate
  • (14 min) Talk: The Uniqueness of Each Practice

Surrender and Allow As You Deepen Your Relationship with Therapeutic Tremoring

You'll be guided into accessing your therapeutic tremor mechanism from a lighter and ever-softer place as your relationship with it increases. In this class, we stay on our backs, sitting, and on all fours never standing up. This module contains:

  • (54 min) Embodiment Class: Surrender and Allow
  • (5 min) Talk: Key Takeaways and Review
  • (6 min) Talk: Cultivating a Deeper Relationship with Your Tremor Mechanism

After Completing This Course, You Will...

  • Experience 20+ shapes with variations to safely and effectively therapeutically tremor all parts of your body.
  • Have experienced our most refined beginners course yet from nearly a decade of teaching and evolving this modality.
  • Become more empowered with guidance that encourages you to move how you need to be moved from within to heal.
  • Be able to access this potent tool for self-regulation at any time in your life for the rest of your life.

I'm Dr Keith Motes,

your facilitator for this course, founder of the Shaking Medicine Foundation, Yoga & Qigong teacher, quantum physicist (PhD), and so much more. Some call me the shaking physicist. Shaking Medicine transformed my life so deeply that I decided to create this non-profit foundation for sharing it with the world based here at I warmly invite you to join this course as I know there is a massive chance that this can significantly and positively transform your life too! 

"Shaking Medicine is a unique and wonderful technique that deepens our connection with ourselves and releases traumas through a natural healing process. I had a profound experience of liberating and moving stored energies around my body. Keith holds a lovely and supportive space for us. Thank you! Highly recommended!"

- Clarice Figueiredo

"What an amazing experience. I'm so excited to explore this further, thank you Keith Motes for your guidance….Big Love."

- Low E Taylor

"I love this practice. I am so interested in somatic release and know of its importance for me in regulating the nervous system. Cannot get enough of it! I love the truth and stillness that comes through in my body after this simple shaking practice. Thanks again!"

- Kat Barker


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Shaking Medicine Beginners Course

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