Shaking Medicine Beginners Course

Awaken Your Instinctive Mechanism of Therapeutic Tremoring


What's Included In This Course...

This is a pre-recorded course that covers the Foundational Principles of Shaking Medicine over 3 modules.
Each module has some discussion videos and a ~50 min uniquely themed Shaking Medicine class.
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Discover And Experience Your Therapeutic Tremor Mechanism

Here you'll explore the fundamentals of Shaking Medicine including the important principle theory to understand what is going on and to keep your practice safe, fun, and effective. You'll embody the fundamental tools of tuning into Shaking Medicine and exploring it in your body. This module contains:

  • (13 min) Discussion 1: Welcome to the Course and Introduction to Shaking Medicine
  • (48 min) Class 1:¬†Foundations For Experiencing Your Tremor Mechanism - Let Go, Allow, Soften, Relax, & Surrender
  • (12 min) Discussion 2: The True Value of Shaking Medicine


Shaking Medicine To Activate and Rejuvenate

You'll go deeper into embodying Shaking Medicine in this more actively themed class. This expands your repertoire of how to tune in and navigate your spontaneous instinctive shaking mechanism. This more active theme is great for cultivating a relationship with your tremor mechanism in ways that may not be accessible at first in the more gentle ways. While this class is more active it is taught in an invitational and modifyable way to remain accessible to all. This module contains:

  • (49 min) Class 2:¬†Actively Tuning In - Easy Strategies¬†for Finding Your Shake and¬†Taking Them Deeper
  • (14 min) Discussion 3: The Uniqueness of Each Practice


Surrender and Allow As You Deepen Your Relationship with Therapeutic Tremoring

You'll be guided into accessing your therapeutic tremor mechanism from a lighter and ever-softer place in this class as your relationship with it is now increasing. In this class, we explore shaking on our backs, in sitting, and on all fours while never standing up. This is a softer and more yin-themed example of a Shaking Medicine journey. This module contains:

  • (54 min) Class 3:¬†Soften and Allow -¬†Go Deeper By Doing Less
  • (5 min) Discussion 4: Key Takeaways and Review
  • (6 min) Discussion 5: Cultivating a Deeper Relationship with Your Tremor Mechanism

Course Outcomes:

  • Awaken Your Powerful Instinctive Therapeutic Shaking Mechanism by Embodying it and Experiencing it.
  • Learn to Easily and Pleasurably Turn Your¬†Therapeutic Shake on & off.
  • Develop a Safe, Effective, and Sustainable Practice.
  • Learn How to Embody Shaking Medicine for Maximum Life-Long Benefits and On-going Self-Regulation.
  • Reach the First Major Embodiment Threshold of Being Able to Access, Trust, and Navigate Your Spontaneous Shaking Mechanism.
  • Experience 20+ shapes each with multiple ranges of motion to creatively & intuitively explore therapeutically tremoring all over your body.
  • Obtain the Many Possible Benefits, which are highlighted on our home page here.
  • This course is designed with repeatability in mind so that you may get a lot from this course by doing it multiple times.


Shaking Medicine Beginners Course

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