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Embodiment classes with uniquely creative styles, multiple shaking modalities, facilitators to choose from, and more.

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Purpose and Outcomes

The Members Portal is a resource for exploring and embodying your innate therapeutic tremor mechanism. It provides guidance on how to awaken this mechanism within you, safely establish a relationship with it, advance in your embodiment, and integrate this practice into daily life for optimal benefits. This portal features a vast collection of content to enhance and inspire your practice. We aim to bring in the wisdom of all shaking modalities into this portal for you to experience and learn. The resources are presented in a beginner to intermediate-level progression. Whether you want to relieve stress, boost energy, or just feel happier and healthier, Shaking Medicine is a largely lost secret ingredient for quality of life! A strong goal is for you to foster a deep embodiment of Shaking Medicine so that you may optimize your health and be full of energy to do the things you love in life.

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Lorna Gayle

"This was my first experience with Shaking Medicine and it was incredible. I feel like I shook off everything unwanted and have been left with such a profound sense of peace. Incredible, and we are all carrying this around inside, even more incredible, Thank you."

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Brandon Emerick

"I’m very satisfied so far with the course! I’m so excited to continue my practice - I was able to shake vigorously after watching just 7-8 minutes of the first class! I can already call the shakes by command and adjust the intensity easily."

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Clarice Figueiredo

"Shaking Medicine is a unique and wonderful technique which deepens our connection with our self and releases traumas through a natural healing process. I had a profound experience through liberating and moving stored energies around my body."

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