Shaking Medicine Intermediate Course


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This course is designed to advance your embodiment of therapeutic tremoring for letting go of what doesn't serve you, accessing vibrant health, and achieving homeostasis.

One of the main goals of this course is for you to have gained enough experience with your tremor mechanism to be deeply embodied and empowered with it for life. This means that you'll be able to easily use your shaking mechanism when and where you need it to regulate and balance your physical, energetic, emotional, and mental states for life.

In this course, you'll gain a plethora of insights, tools, and inspirations for gracefully navigating your tremor mechanism in fun, safe, effective, and powerful ways. You'll dive into 15 uniquely themed embodiment classes covering many core topics of Shaking Medicine.
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Outcomes of this Course

Cultivate a profound connection with your tremor mechanism.

Awaken this powerful tool within you for life.

Go on a journey of deep personal transformation.

Experience personal growth, empowerment, and freedom in mind, body, and spirit.

Simultaneously raise your sensitivity and your resilience.

Learn to use Shaking Medicine to cultivate what serves you and for letting go of what does not.

Reach the important threshold level of embodiment where you become empowered to easily navigate this mechanism for life.

Continue reaping all of the many profound benefits of Shaking Medicine, which are summarized on our home page.

Gain our best and time tested insights, tools, inspirations, and strategies for navigating, enhancing, and fine-tuning your therapeutic tremoring.


Check Out The Contents Of This Course.

This course is a pre-recorded video course that you can do at your own pace. This course consists of a Prelude Module, Five Core Modules, and an Outro Module. Each core module has three uniquely themed embodiment classes of ~50 min each for a total of 15 full embodiment classes. There are discussion videos on the important information of Shaking Medicine throughout each module. All content of this course is shown video by video as follows:


About This Course

Outcomes of this Course

(8 min) Discussion on the main embodiment goals of Shaking Medicine and aligning them with where you and your unique goals are right now.

Efficient & Safe Embodiment

(11 min) Discussion on how to embody Shaking Medicine in the most efficient and safe way. Find the right embodiment pace that suits you.

How to Use this Course

(10 min) Discussion on optimal strategies for using this course, using your instinct & intuition in your practice, and progressing through this course.

Module One

Home Base of Your Shaking Mechanism - The Foundations

What is Shaking Medicine

(7 min) Discussion on understanding principles of Shaking Medicine so that you have a strong foundation for your practice.

Class #1
Roots of Shaking Medicine

(48 min) The foundations of SM embodiment, the 3 pillars of your home base, the art of internally cultivating the shake, transitions through shapes as a range of motion, and a review of the most important content from our Shaking Medicine Beginners Course.

Class #2
Instinct & Intuition

(55 min) Importance of your inner animal, discharging your pent-up charges, opening your whole pelvis, intuitive micro-movements for advancing your practice, tuning in by completely surrendering, using your eyes to regulate, integrate & process, and trusting your instinct & intuition.

Class #3
Activate Your Potential

(50 min) Use Shaking Medicine to cultivate your potential and achieve your goals. Explore 3 new strategies for tuning into and navigating therapeutic tremoring: fatiguing, the bandwidth of squeezing, and new pathway activation. Learn about the importance of certain activations arising such as spontaneous squeezing.

Module Two

Fine Tune Your Shaking - Key Qualities in Your Embodiment

You Are the Instrument

(11 min) Discussion on embodying an array of qualities that complement your tremor mechanism. Like an instrument, you too can be fine-tuned. I also share more of the history of SM and my story in creating this somatic modality and the foundation upon which it's based.  

Class #4
Circularity, Balance, Efficiency, and Your Human Antenna

(53 min) Circularity in SM. Safely go deeper with qualities of balance, alignment, centredness, and efficiency. Become simultaneously more sensitive and resilient. Tremor your extremities and core. The inside-out and outside-in approach. Recipricol inhibition and the stretch reflex.

Class #5
Spontaneous Pandiculation - Another Instinctive Mechanism

(56 min) Explore therapeutic tremoring and pandiculation together. Voluntary vs involuntary pandiculation. Deeply nourish, open, and release your core. Learn to voluntarily pandiculate safely and to tremor with your pandiculations. Add spontaneous pandiculation to your practice, the higher expression of pandiculation.

Class #6
Love, Joy, Presence, Playfulness, and Fun - Guiding the Shake

(53 min) Make your unravelling a fun and playful game. Purging with Shaking Medicine joyously. Intentionally harness and guide your shaking energy. Harmonize your tremoring. Awaken your inner child and play. Move into your natural state of infinite unconditional love.

Module Three

Enhance Your Lifestyle - Complementary Modalities

Science of Shaking Medicine

(13 min) Discussion on enhancing and inspiring your lifestyle with Shaking Medicine.  Fundamental modalities that complement Shaking Medicine. Science of Shaking Medicine.

Class #7
Somatics & Shaking Medicine

(61 min) Learn about and explore the fundamentals of Somatics in your therapeutic tremoring practice. Embody key somatic concepts and tools such as Titration, Resourcing, Pendulation and more. Explore tuning into your tremors with tapping and self-massage. Apply Somatics to Shaking Medicine and vice versa. Join us in this cutting-edge somatic modality innovating in the field of Somatics.

Class #8
Shaking Medicine Yoga

(50 min) Explore Yogic concepts with Shaking Medicine. Discover a powerful yin way to awaken Kundalini. The Koshas, tremoring, and the massive missing healing piece in the Western Yoga world. How to enter Spontaneous Meditation. Spontaneous Kundalini Kriya. Learn to add tremoring to your Yoga practice and vice versa.

Class #9
Shaking Medicine Qi Gong

(54 min) Learn fundamentals of Qi Gong. Explore Taoist spontaneous shaking, Zifa Gong, a largely missed part of modern Qi Gong teachings. Embody 3-dimensional, articulatory, replenishing, and nourishing Qi Gong movements to take your therapeutic tremoring to a new level. Learn about what I consider to be the most advanced internal energy art for deep grounding and safety in your practice, allowing you to significantly enhance your SM practice and reach deeper depths of your potential.

Module Four

Break Through Your Limitations - Allowing Catharsis & Using Your Body to Heal Your Mind

Feelings, Emotions, Trauma, Mental Health, & Acting Instead of Reacting

(14 min) Discussion on what is trauma, how trauma scales, how trauma affects our health, why we hold onto trauma, how Western Medicine treats trauma, the difference between feelings/emotions & acting/reacting, our core set of emotions, emotional cocktails, & how our ego is related to trauma.

Class #10
Tremoring in Breathwork, Spontaneous Breath of Fire, & the Bushman's Pump

(53 min) Explore how you can tune into therapeutic tremoring through your parasympathetic breath as a range of motion and to enhance your shaking. Learn how to fuse your breathwork techniques with Shaking Medicine and access them spontaneously. Embody Breath of Fire and how to transition to Spontaneous Breath of Fire or Spontaneous Kapalbhati. Progressively find your Bushman's Pump as per the Kalahari Shaking Shamans.

Class #11
Unravelling Suppressed Emotions & Trauma

(58 min) Navigate the two main ways to discharge suppressed emotions & trauma with SM. Mimic physiological states & expressions to unravel stuck emotional energy. Learn our scooping technique to transform these charges. Explore releasing 3 main trauma reflexes in your body. Explore a meditation of tuning into your potential to discharge whatever is in the way.

Class #12
Vocal Activation with Shaking Medicine to Empower Your Voice & Speak Your Truth

(51 min) Explore how the vibrations of your body's therapeutic tremoring and the vocal vibrations of sound can support and enhance each other. Open and empower your voice with sounding explorations to tune into tremoring. Use sounding to enhance your current embodiment of tremoring. Allow external sounds to shake you. Become fluent in allowing spontaneous-cathartic sounds to move through you, speak your truth, and express your inner tune.

Module Five

Your Vibrational Potential - Metamorphosis of Your Spirit

Ego, Mind, & Your Limitless Nature

(11 min) Discussion on how the ego and mind play a role in going deeper into Shaking Medicine and accessing your limitless nature.  

Class #13
Spinal Harmonics & Mastering Your Central Nervous System

(51 min) Everything has vibrational energy. In this journey, you'll access this energy via the harmonics of your spine in various dimensions. Explore mastering your spine by combining therapeutic tremoring with spinal mechanics, a movement form inspired largely by my embodiment of Shaking Medicine. Learn about cultivating and using effortless power and applying it to your life.

Class #14
Neural Rewiring & Repatterning Your Mind

(49 min) In this journey, we review the important and powerful foundations of Shaking Medicine including our 3 Pillars, our foundational strategies for tuning into therapeutic tremoring, and more. We emphasize how Shaking Medicine can rewire neural pathways and how to use this shaking to repattern our mind to help us with things like addiction, bad habits, programs, conditions, & stories that aren't serving us. We explore tuning into therapeutic tremoring when these patterns of mental tensions arise to help reprogram them. We explore how to access a deeper and evermore authentic embodiment of this medicine.

Class #15
Meditation, Cultivating Internal Power, & Transmuting Sexual Energy

(60 min) In this class, we explore how to use Shaking Medicine in more subtle ways, particularly with meditation. We dip our toes into the final Koshas of the Yogic path and use the subtle energy locks of bandhas to therapeutically tremor with. We speak to accessing spontaneous mudras or gestures of the body. I primarily guide you through a meditation inspired by Kriya Yoga, Vipassana, Taoist Small Circulation, and my personal touch of allowing SM to support and progress in your meditation. This is great for cultivating energy & deep internal power, easily accessing Kundalini, and mastering your sexual energy.


Summary and What Next

Summary of this Course

(11 min) In this discussion, I overview this course and summarize the major themes we've explored.

How Long to Shake & Continuing Your Practice

(8 min) Discussion on how long to keep shaking, reaching the next important threshold level of homeostasis with Shaking Medicine, what the Taoists say about how long to shake, and several tips on how to continue your practice and advance in your shaking.

Advancing in Your Shaking

(12 min) Discussion on what to expect if you keep embodying this, the many enumerable applications of Shaking Medicine, and ongoing support from us at Shaking Medicine.

This Course Is Designed To:

  • Take your Shaking Medicine embodiment to the next level.
  • Be primarily an experiential embodiment course where each class takes you on a journey.
  • Give you a wide range of skills and inspirations to play with and to navigate your tremor mechanism.
  • Be accessible, modifiable, and adaptable for just about everyone.
  • Include our most profound Shaking Medicine understandings and embodiment techniques at this level.
  • Be¬†a pre-recorded online course that you get lifetime access to and can stream at any time.
  • Be repeatable so that you can¬†gain many new insights from doing this course many times.
  • Take newbies to an intermediate level¬†and¬†support¬†more experienced shakers in growing and refining their practice and understanding of Shaking Medicine.
  • Be guided with¬†open, creative, invitational, and trauma-sensitive¬†language.
  • Inspire you with¬†a wide variety of creatively toned and themed Shaking Medicine classes.
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Shaking Medicine Intermediate Course

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