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A Journey of Embodied Leadership

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Be supported to go deep into your embodiment of Shaking Medicine with a regular practice program.

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Grow your understanding with the theory, science, history & philosophy of Shaking Medicine.

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Step into your role as a leader in your community through the practice teaching element of this training.

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Teacher Training Testimonials

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 "Being a teacher and practitioner of a disciplined yoga style, alongside battling an eating disorder for years, throughout my life the concepts of control and pushing harder have, prior to Shaking Medicine, really directed many of the choices in my life. Over the years Ive explored many different modalities for strengthening, conditioning and maintaining the overall health of my physical body, getting at times quite consumed and caught up in it all. The practice of Shaking Medicine is a complete medicinal delivery for all layers and aspects of our Body Mind Spirit. Combining hyper arousal and deep relaxation to create a whole and complete healing practice. It is part of my everyday ritual today as it allows me to cultivate a deeper connection to my self in a loving way. I highly recommend Shaking Medicine to anyone interested in cultivating deeper presence and awareness, anyone who may be suffering from dis-ease or inflammation. This is powerful."

-Soma Wolfe

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"Attending a Shaking Medicine Teacher training was one of the greatest moves I made this year! I was initially skeptical of Shaking Medicine as a new age fad. The skepticism soon shifted to curiosity when I began to understand the ancient roots of Shaking Medicine within humanity, and the science of nervous system regulation as a means to restoring balance within a living system.

I now use Shaking Medicine regularly as a powerful tool to stay centred within my physical body, have a more balanced emotional body and quiet my mind. Shaking Medicine is super dynamic and adaptable, and easily integrated into a practise of Qi Gong or a run on the beach. It provides a lot of laughter and space for all expressions of the body, and is fun as a group practise.

I have found myself in a more relaxed state, receiving greater benefit from deeper meditations. It has allowed greater focus and grounding within my own path and has provided greater emotional freedom and self-expression within relationships. Physically, I am feeling less tension, greater flexibility and deeper more full breaths.

I will continue to practise and share passionately Shaking Medicine with others, as a tool for a more grounded, calm, and liberating experience of Life!"

-Heath Milton

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"The weekend was amazing learning in this unique group. The energy level was something I can't even describe, so if you get a chance-attending Shaking Medicine Teacher Training is a must!

Keith lead my first ever Shaking Medicine experience at Confest (an alternative bush campout festival held in the south-eastern states of Australia) and coming from this pulping industry myself, I never experienced anything like this before and so to be able to work with the body to help process my emotions out was so helpful to me, and so I can see this will really make a difference to transforming many peoples lives."

-Francis Voon

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What you Will Get



There are four main parts in this journey.

Teaching Shaking Medicine

The basics for sharing Shaking Medicine with the world.

Supporting You to Grow Your Online Presence 

We support each other in sharing the medicine of shaking. There is no on-going fee to share this somatic-therapeutic modality.

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Become a leader in sharing this powerful somatic therapy to bring resilience, joy and enthusiasm to your life and the life of others.
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