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Shaking Medicine Teacher Training

Our Shaking Medicine Teacher Training (TT) is ideal to deepen your personal practice and learning to share the art and science of Shaking Medicine. Our TT is an internationally recognized modality and fully insurable. This immersion of Shaking Medicine is perfect for growing your knowledge and enhancing your practice, even if you are not interested in teaching or you may still be unsure if you want to teach until after the training. With this training you will be able to teach Shaking Medicine to friends, loved ones, general students and clients of the public through one-on-one sessions, both small and large classes as well as workshops, immersions and retreats once your are feeling confident and certified.

The Shaking Medicine Teacher Training delivers the information one needs to guide an amazing journey of Shaking Medicine. Sharing this practice is unlike facilitating any other journey. When a Shaking Medicine teacher is guiding a class well, everyone in the class will be moving uniquely to their body. Which is quite different than many other modalities including most other shaking modalities. It's fun and empowering to share this style for both you and your students. This training offers you the tools to guide an invitational, intuitive and transformational journey. 

During this training you will also advance your own Shaking Medicine practice:

  • with new understandings and postures to weave into your practice   
  • understand the foundational history, science and philosophy of Shaking Medicine 
  • learn how to teach a Shaking Medicine sequence safely and effectively
  • receive class plans for teaching 
  • become certified as a Shaking Medicine teacher

We have embodied and developed a very effective process over the years for bringing people into Shaking Medicine. The TT shares these skills and insights with you, to ensure you obtain a solid understanding of Shaking Medicine to be fully prepared to teach to others. 

We incorporate the latest insight and knowledge. The training aims to suit all learning styles and includes a balance of visual, aural, verbal, logical and kinesthetic. 

This Teacher Training can be done completely online or in person. The in person section of the training also includes at home elements and online elements. Details are described below. Regardless of how you do your Shaking Medicine TT, it is essential to familiarize yourself with all of the information on this page. 

Please read the information through this entire page to fully understand our TT process and feel free to contact us with any questions that may arise. This practice is growing and evolving quickly and as such this information will be periodically updated.

For booking into a specific training click the relevant picture at the top of this page. 


During this journey you will:

The desired outcome of this training is to be equipped with all tools needed to share Shaking Medicine safely and effectively. To also deepen your own practice of Shaking Medicine by understanding and embodying it more thoroughly so that the numerous physical, energetic, mental and emotional benefits flow even more. This training is for those who want to deepen their own practice, share with others or both.

  • How to design and guide an effective Shaking Medicine journey
  • Learning foundational sets and sequences
  • Regulation of the practice and how to support your students
  • How to stop and start the tremoring process
  • The invitational and trauma sensitive language style
  • Science of Shaking Medicine
  • History of Shaking Medicine
  • Yogic and Taoist perspectives
  • Different types of shaking
  • What is trauma and how to release it
  • Emotional and feeling intelligences
  • Supressed and trapped emotions and how they affect health
  • Anatomy of the physical, energetic and emotional body
  • How shaking aids in regulating fascia
  • Mind and ego
  • Post Traumatic Growth (PTG)
  • Understanding the structure for delivering this practice safely and effectively
  • Developing your own unique style that may include your already learned background skills
  • Using descriptive analogies
  • Integrating after this training
  • and more…

We will teach you various practices with a focus on how to teach and incorporate them into your class. You will understand why and how certain practices support and aid our body in learning neurogenic therapeutic tremoring. This learning will be done mostly while practicing the practices.

We offer some basic flows in these practices to aid in the Shaking Medicine journey. The focus is how to guide a safe and effective journey. We focus on the framework on how to do this and invite each teacher to use both the skills they already have alongside these practices and framework to create their own unique style of teaching Shaking Medicine. Just as the practice is intuitive and quite different every time so too is the teaching of it from teacher to teacher and class to class.

  • Tao Yin - The first part of Taoist Yoga. Awaken from an embryo in this explorative back, seated, all fours and squatting gentle movement flow. This will ground us and bring us into presence while gently warming up our physical body.
  • Yoga Asana sequences. Learn a fundamental Yoga flow to warm up your students.
  • Qi Gong – Learn an easy to practice and teach Qi Gong set to begin tapping into warming up the energetic body. Qi Gong includes 3-dimensional circulations, articulations and rotations, awareness of meridians and important exercises for removing pain and inflammation and helps significantly for building body awareness and tuning and fine-tuning into Shaking Medicine later on.
  • Shaking Meditation - An awareness-guided active voluntary shaking that warms up the physical and energetic. A perfect tool for prepping for the involuntary shaking to come. 
  • Dance - Dancing is a beautiful process to weave with Shaking Medicine. It is intuitive, dynamic, free-form and expressive in and of itself. It is a wonderful way to further warm up physically and energetically to prepare for the tremoring. It is also great to invite more shaking, waving and catharticism to be expressed in our dancing once we get Shaking Medicine moving through us. 
  • Primordial Breathing – This is also called yogic breath, embryonic breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, abdominal breathing or just our natural state of breath. This is a basic fundamental way to breath, which brings about calm relaxed states and should be our most organic natural automatic breathing pattern when we are relaxed in general optimizing our oxygen energy intake; however, most people are constantly in sympathetic states and are breathing inefficiently. It helps to relax us so that we can explore Shaking Medicine more effectively.
  • Shaking Medicine – We will teach you fundamental flows and various techniques to bring people into therapeutic tremoring. You will learn to shake in many ways with many avenues to explore and teach. Some techniques include entering the shake through relaxing and letting go, clenching and tensing, breathing, thought and story patterns, feelings and emotions and more. Shaking Medicine is the whole process of a journey though the neurogenic therapeutic tremoring is certainly an important focal point of the practice.
  • Meditation – After Shaking Medicine we are super relaxed and are naturally inclined to drop into states of meditation. It actually makes meditation more enjoyable, easier and effortless. This is because we are relaxed on a deeper emotional level and our being instinctively wants to settle in the stillness of meditational bliss. Our meditations are rooted primarily in Yogic and Taoist traditions.

It is important to become confident in holding a safe and supportive space. During your training you will have practice to become confident in teaching. Often times the first class is the most challenging and nerve racking. Once the first one is out of the way it only gets easier and easier. The feedback from students is nothing short of profound as practices, such as Shaking Medicine, that work on the deeper layers of our being are few and far between. You will have our support in this for as long as you are keen to share. 


There are four main parts in this journey.

This part can be done in one of two ways. This can be done completely online or at an in person training.

We hold live trainings around the world. To see where our latest  trainings are look at the top of this page.

Either way the focus of this part is how and why to teach Shaking Medicine.

We focus on different and updated aspects of teaching at the live events and so if you are dong the in-person training it is still necessary to go through the online videos in the Shaking Medicine Teachers Area.

If you are doing the training completely online there is a Shaking Medicine Teachers Area where lectures on how and why to teach Shaking Medicine. Once you are through this material you will contact your Shaking Medicine Teacher Training Facilitator and the remainder of this portion will be done through video calls. During the video calls we will go through any thing else that is not clear and help you in getting started with practice teaching as well as to finish the assessment and the practice teaching log book. 

Embody what you have learned by finding a regular practice, which is one of the most important aspects of being an amazing Shaking Medicine facilitator.

As a part of this you will need to do all of the content in the members area. We recommend doing some of these videos several times or more to really embody the flow and information to help incorporate in your teachings. 

Practice teaching full classes of Shaking Medicine to your friends, family, groups, etc. with the main aim of:

  • Building your confidence as a teacher.
  • Becoming proficient at getting new people to shake.
  • Getting yourself comfortable with the flow and language of a class.
  • Developing your own unique flavour and style.

You will record your experiences in sharing Shaking Medicine to a Shaking Medicine teacher trainer from this course through a log book that will be emailed to you. At least one of your classes will be evaluated by a Shaking Medicine teacher trainer after this training. We suggest the last class, so that you will have the most experience. The easiest way is to arrange a teacher trainer to come to your class. If a teacher trainer is not close by then your class will need to be either live-streamed to a teacher or recorded. If recorded then a download link will be sent to us of your class on a platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, We Transfer or something similar. This recording will need to have reasonable quality audio and visuals so that a teacher trainer can provide valuable and constructive feedback.

If considerable feedback is required this process may need to be repeated in which case more than ten hours may be required. Ten hours is the minimum. The number of classes will depend on the length that you decide to make your classes. For example, you may have approximately 10 one hour classes, 6-7 one and a half hour classes, or another variation. 

During practice teaching the teacher should get anyone practicing to sign this liability agreement (https://bit.ly/2PP30k7). This is to protect you and us while practice teaching. Any child practicing under the age of 14 must get a parent/guardian to sign at all times. You are also welcome to use this waiver once you are fully certified for further protection. We are not responsible for any complaints, grievances or any other actions of those who you practice with or share in any way with before or after you are a certified teacher. We offer you this form so that you can protect your self.

This will involve answering questions to show that you have a sufficient understanding of the basic important principles of Shaking Medicine.

This assessment is comprehensive and will be sent to you after booking into your teacher training, so that you can have it as a reference as you go through the material and have a better idea on what notes to take.

We recommend reading through the whole assessment before beginning. It will sent via a word document.

Total: 50 hours

This is an approximation and may take longer depending on the amount of practice teaching, assessment time and potential other factors.

We expect that soon our training will move to be a 75 or 100 hour course and become more expensive as we are quickly growing and evolving. For now it remains at 50 hours and this relatively cheap price. This is partly to benefit those joining at the earlier stages of Shaking Medicine. 

The timeline for completion of your teacher training is three months. After three months your access and training may expire. We are open under special circumstances ,so please feel free to contact us if this is the case. We have this time frame to inspire commitment and timeliness. 

Teaching Shaking Medicine

The basics for sharing Shaking Medicine with the world.

By joining the Shaking Medicine teaching tribe you are in alignment with our teaching ethos.

"Teachers of Shaking Medicine make up a united tribe who share this medicine with the world. We support each other as well as anyone we share Shaking Medicine with. We are passionate about learning, embodying, sharing, growing and evolving the art and science of Shaking Medicine. Teachers are welcome and even encouraged to bring in their own unique authentic self, skill set and creativity into their teachings, which build upon Shaking Medicine's foundations that keep the practice safe, healthy, fun and effective. We support each other through on-going collaboration, communication and constructive feedback. We are supported by the Shaking Medicine Foundation from our sharing of Shaking Medicine to the world."

Teachers of Shaking Medicine make up a united tribe who share this medicine with the world. We support each other as well as anyone we share Shaking Medicine with. We are passionate about learning, embodying, sharing, growing and evolving the art and science of Shaking Medicine. Teachers are welcome and even encouraged to bring in their own unique skillset and creativity into their teachings. We support each other through on-going collaboration and communication.

We are happy to continually consult, offer assistance and share with each other for as long as we are actively sharing Shaking Medicine with the world.

For connecting and easy discussion with the teaching tribe you will be invited to join an intimate Shaking Medicine Teachers Group on Facebook for those in training and who have competed their training. 

You have three months from the time of booking into your teacher training to complete the curriculum and obtain your certificate. If you are doing an in-person teacher training, then you have three months from the completion of that event.

We are willing to work around special circumstances. Let us know by contacting us and we are sure that we can work something out.

Once you are signed up for a teacher training you will be granted access to the teachers area, which is equipped with tools for learning and reviewing all you need to know for teaching Shaking Medicine.

If you have successfully completed that Shaking Medicine Teacher Training, then you will have access to this teachers area for as long as you are actively sharing Shaking Medicine.

If you haven't completed the training, this access will last for three months after your training begins.

If you have completed the teacher training, then your membership to this teachers area will remain active for as long as you are actively teaching Shaking Medicine as per our collaboration guidelines below.

The content of the members area is an important part of the Shaking Medicine Teacher Training. We upload new content regularly to provide fresh and new practices and inspiration. The members area is for everyone to learn and embody Shaking Medicine including Shaking Medicine teachers. You will need to book into the members area separately to the teacher training. We have decided to make the members area quite affordable, so that it is accessible to as many people as possible, while still supporting The Shaking Medicine Foundation financially, so that it can keep running smoothly and efficiently, while supporting those who support it.

This being said we believe that Shaking Medicine teachers are invaluable in The Shaking Medicine Foundation's main vision of sharing Shaking Medicine with the world and so we are happy to give free access to the members area to certified Shaking Medicine teachers who are actively sharing with the world. If this is something you would like and you are actively sharing Shaking Medicine, then send us a message once you are a certified Shaking Medicine teacher and we will update your account settings to have free access to the members area. 

Our Shaking Medicine Teacher Training certificate is recognized internationally as an Approved Training Provider (ATP) by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT), which is the world’s largest recognizer of natural therapy modalities. Our certificate currently supports the following countries for professional insurance:

"IICT offers membership and access to insurance in 27 countries worldwide. UK and Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Latvia, Sweden, Channel Islands, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Malta, Isle of Man, Netherlands. Oceania: Australia, New Zealand. North America, United States, Canada, Africa, South Africa." – IICT Website.

To obtain a certificate you must complete all requirements as per the Shaking Medicine curriculum and pay the minimum contribution in full. You must obtain a certificate before teaching Shaking Medicine outside of the practice teaching component of our training. 

Once a certificate is obtained you may purchase insurance and be fully insured as a Shaking Medicine facilitator.

The benefit of getting insurance is that you are protected against potential claims made against you. You are completely responsible legally for your sharing of Shaking Medicine and so we strongly advise having insurance. We are here to support you at all times with any questions as they arise.

With IICT you become a member with IICT and can obtain insurance through them. With IICT you will pay a yearly membership cost as well as a yearly insurance cost; however, the insurance is discounted once you are a member.

Steps to get insurance:

  1. Receive your Shaking Medicine certificate from us.
  2. Our collaboration with IICT provides you with 20% off of membership for the first year using the discount code (ATP20%OFF). Become a MEMBER with IICT HERE.
  3. Buy insurance through IICT as an IICT member.

IICT has the most comprehensive list of modalities all in one inclusive pace, so insurance with IICT will most likely include all of the modalities you are certified to share instead of relying on various companies. Check out their list of approved modalities here. They even have a "get all your modalities covered or triple your money back!" guarantee.

By getting insurance with IICT you will be able to utilise IICT’s membership seals to denote your professional affiliation and add greater credibility by using these seals on your promotional materials online and offline.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Lastly, once certified, all active teachers may make a profile on our TRIBE PAGE. This will grow your credibility as a sharer of the medicine of shaking and your affiliation with the Shaking Medicine Foundation.


We do not charge teachers to teach Shaking Medicine. We actually will pay and support teachers through collaboration.

As Shaking Medicine grows and evolves so too will the collaboration guidelines going into the future. This is important to keep up with an ever changing world and technology as not every potentiality can be anticipated. We do not expect that the overall essence of what is laid out here will change too much rather to update with new technological advances, social media updates, experiences, etc. 

We reserve the right to revoke a certificate if a teacher is going against our teaching ethos and/or guidelines. If anything doesn't resonate with your or isn't clear then please ask about it before joining the training. We do not wish to ever have to revoke a certificate.

To teach Shaking Medicine the essence is to give it proper acknowledgment. We are a not-for-profit foundation seeking to spread this medicine with the world and as such the Shaking Medicine teachers have a very important role to play in this. We ask the following as a basic guideline:

  • Use the name Shaking Medicine when teaching Shaking Medicine or teaching aspects of Shaking Medicine whenever appropriate. This may be done by acknowledging Shaking Medicine whenever appropriate in speaking, writing, descriptions, titling the class, on any promotional material, timetables, websites, using logos, linking our website, etc.
  • If teaching or using a different modality or technique and something from Shaking Medicine inspires or influences the teaching or using of this modality or technique, then acknowledge Shaking Medicine whenever appropriate in speaking, writing, descriptions, using logos, linking our website, etc.

We encourage the use of Shaking Medicine’s Logo in your promotional materials where appropriate.

Download here: Black Version logo for light backgrounds. White Version logo for dark backgrounds. Here is a Circular Version that we often use for our stickers, though may be used for other creative purposes as well. Here is a Favicon Version in both Black and White that is our flower of life symbol with no text.

Do let us know at info@shakingmedicine.com if you need a logo in a different format or color or anything else that can help.

Let us know when you have events and classes on Shaking Medicine, so that we can promote your event on our website and social media. We like to co-host Shaking Medicine events on the Shaking Medicine Foundation Facebook page, so that we can help each other grow and promote what you are doing to all who follow Shaking Medicine. If you would like to collaborate in this way with us we will do paid promotions for you in the area that your event is held. 

Note that Shaking Medicine is a page and not a personal account, so this means that only events made by another page can add Shaking Medicine as a co-host. i.e. one would have to make events from their own page to do this and not a personal page. Several Shaking Medicine teachers have been inspired to think about and create what it is they want to bring to the world whether in part or in whole for this co-hosting reason. What inspires you? What is your passion? What do you want to bring to the world?

This will help all of us grow and to spread the love of shaking and bringing this medicine to the world. We do not ask royalty fees like many modalities and in fact we do the opposite. We have a method to support you financially for sharing Shaking Medicine through the affiliate program described below.

Media is such an important aspect for sharing the medicine of the Shaking Medicine Foundation and helping the world. Our online component is critical in the successful sharing of Shaking medicine to the world and as such, social media and website content is of upmost importance. We believe in sustainability and optimizing energy and work input for beneficial output and so we film our teacher training's whether that be in a classroom, one-on-one's or via video or sound chats online. You will see examples of this from past trainings on our online members and teachers areas. This material goes back into the purpose of the Shaking Medicine Foundation to help spread this medicine, grow the online members and teachers areas and more. This content is then available to members for learning as well as teachers as a continuing resource for learning and growing as a teacher. By participating you become a pivotal part in changing the world. We believe that releasing that which does not serve us is such a beautiful thing and needs to be witnessed as this will help significantly with others opening up to being comfortable with Shaking Medicine. By signing up to a teacher training you agree to participate in being filmed. If this does not resonate with you please contact us and we are happy to work something out to meet all of our needs. 

Our online website www.ShakingMedicine.com has an optional affiliate program whereby you, or anyone who would like to promote Shaking Medicine, can get a link, which credits you with anyone who signs up from your link with 50% recurring income every month for the members area and 30% one-time payments for event bookings. Our back end automatically calculates your monthly payments and we send these payments through at the beginning of every month. This is passive income for you for sharing a medicine that can profoundly help so many people all over the world.

You may have an affiliate link whether or not you are a teacher of Shaking Medicine.

Here are the details on how to become an affiliate.

It takes a couple of minutes to get your affiliate link.

As you progress on your journey and become better and more comfortable with teaching Shaking Medicine we also welcome you to share your unique Shaking Medicine classes on our members area at www.ShakingMedicine.com as an option. This would help you even more to promote your affiliate link as your students and contacts will be more likely to sign up as they already know they love you, yet they will also benefit from all of the other styles of teachers online.

Once you are sharing Shaking Medicine in your community and build the awareness of Shaking Medicine there, it is likely that we can co-host a teacher training in your area. This is how our teacher trainings tend to manifest these days.

As well, if you have connections with running events and would like to host a Shaking Medicine event near you we are happy to collaborate in setting events up regardless of whether or not you are already a Shaking Medicine teacher.


Click here for a pdf with what other teachers feel about the Shaking Medicine Teacher Training.

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