Complaints and Grievances Policy

Disputes arise when a client is not satisfied with an aspect of Shaking Medicine’s services and requests action to be taken to resolve the matter. Students and other members of the public may wish to lodge a complaint in some of the following areas (amongst others):

 The conduct of Shaking Medicine, its trainers, assessors or other staff;

  • A Shaking Medicine subcontractor, its trainers, assessors or other staff;
  • A learner of Shaking Medicine.

With all formal complaints we will do our best to resolve the complaint within a timely manner. We will acknowledge a formal complaint via email within 20 working days of being received although most likely much sooner.

Shaking Medicine will ensure that the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are adopted at every stage of the complaint process. Please see the steps for the complaints and grievances process below.


The client should first discuss their concerns with their trainer/assessor, or other staff member they feel comfortable with. If the matter is satisfactorily resolved during initial discussions, no further action is required.

Where the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the student may wish to lodge a complaint.

How to lodge a complaint:

If a student cannot resolve the issue informally and they wish to lodge a formal complaint, they should:

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject complaint.

Provide their name, contact details (must not be anonymous) and details of the complaint in formal writing. Non formal complaints will not be processed. They should also detail the steps that have been taken so far.

Make the complaint themselves, as complaints on behalf of someone else will not be accepted.

Understand that it is a serious procedure and it will be investigated.Understand that it is a formal complaint as opposed to comments, feedback or suggestion.

Be aware that the staff member concerned will be informed that a complaint has been made against them or in relation to a decision they have made.

The student may be accompanied by a representative to any meetings it holds with the Shaking Medicine team.

During the review, the nominated and responsible staff member may implement some of the following steps:

  • Interviewing persons involved in the matter;
  • Reviewing all documentation associated with the matter.
  • The outcomes will be communicated to the student via email.
  • If the student remains dissatisfied with the outcome, the matter will be forwarded to the Shaking Medicine chief executive for review.
  • The Shaking Medicine chief executive will assess the situation and put forward a resolution in as timely of a manner as possible.
  • Should the student remain dissatisfied with the results, they will be provided with the option of having their case heard by a suitable, independent body (independent to both the student and Shaking Medicine) who will review the case. This body, where possible, will be asked to formally declare its independence to both parties and both parties will be asked to agree to it acting in the nominated capacity of case manager.
  • Records of all complaints/grievances processes and outcomes will be recorded by Shaking Medicine and saved. Phone calls and interviews may be recorded for our use in resolving the matter.
  • All complaints/grievances applications and processes will be carefully reviewed by senior management following finalisation to identify any areas of improvement that Shaking Medicine can act upon. The complainant may withdraw a grievance at any stage in the process. If the grievance is withdrawn, the matter will be deemed to be closed.

Last Updated: August 28, 2019


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