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Teachers of Shaking Medicine make up a united tribe who share this medicine with the world. We support each other as well as anyone we share Shaking Medicine with. We are passionate about learning, embodying, sharing, growing and evolving the art and science of Shaking Medicine. Teachers are welcome and even encouraged to bring in their own unique skillset and creativity into their teachings. We support each other through on-going collaboration and communication. We are supported by the Shaking Medicine Foundation from our sharing of Shaking Medicine to the world. We promote the creative potential of all teachers to share with their own unique-authentic self and skillset

Dr. Keith Motes

Quantum Physicist (PhD), Indian & Taoist Yoga Teacher, Founder of Shaking Medicine Foundation

Keith Motes is a quantum physicist (PhD) from Louisiana, USA and Yoga teacher of both Indian and Taost-Chinese styles learning about energy from both the intellectual and the experiential. Keith has completed his PhD at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia with his thesis titled, “Routes Towards Optical Quantum Technology ­--- New Architectures and Applications,” has invented world record breaking quantum computing technologies (link to publications), and has been teaching for more than a decade. He is passionate about raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet.

Keith passion is helping the world through Science and Yogic practices. He actively teaches and embodies various forms of Yogic Arts from AcroYoga, Asana, Neidan, QiGong, Pranayama, Meditation, Shaking Medicine and more. He has done his Yoga teacher training with Power Living Australia Yoga, studied and practiced the work on Tantra and Kriya by swami Satyananda Saraswati and teaches Neidan, which is essentially Chinese-Taoist Yoga and includes the three-dimensional rotational and articulation practice of QiGong. Keith's Taoist Yoga lineage comes primarily from Master Mantak Chia. 

Keith has presented workshops from the Americas to Australasia and does many of these workshops at festivals including Island Vibes, Island Elements, Subsonic, Burning Seed, Splendour in the Grass, Modifyre and more. 

Keith is an avid AcroYogi and has shared and taught hundreds of people this beautiful art of connection and trust. 

"I am extremely grateful to be expanding and evolving something revolutionary that will LIFT the SPIRIT of EVERYONE on EARTH" - Keith Motes

Soma Wolfe

Shaking Medicine, Bikram, and Yin Yoga teacher

Soma is an International Yoga teacher, leading workshops and classes while co-hosting trainings and retreats. She is formerly a participant of the National Yoga Asana Championships 2013-2015 she trained with her mentor Ali Smithdorf from Canada for several years.

As a dedicated practitioner her passion is discovering different modalities and techniques to help achieve deeper understandings of the practice. She is certified in Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Shaking Medicine. Soma is currently passionate about studying Authentic Communication & Conscious Relating, Ecstatic Movement, Dance & Tantra modalities.

“I intend to bring forth an experience of freedom, creating an environment that supports the surrender of control and transformation”.

Through Soma’s personal trauma she has discovered immense healing powers through a lifelong journey into all forms of body movement.

Joeke Hoeboer

Shaking Medicine, Dance, Zumba, Hatha, Yin Yoga and Flow Yoga Teacher

Joeke Hoeboer has been loving and living dance and movement since she was very little. When she was twenty one years old she started practising Yoga whilst she was living in New Zealand. After one year of practising she finished her first course in ‘Yin Yoga’ in Amsterdam.

After she finished the course she started teaching Yin and Flow Yoga classes combined with Zumba Dance workouts and a mixture of pilates/yoga and Tai Chi in a local gym in Haarlem, The Netherlands. She also created her own workshop called ‘Spirit Dance’ where participants are invited to move their bodies in their own way and to express themselves creatively, guided by sound and music.

After a year of fulltime teaching she packed her bags and flew to India for her next (deepening) Yoga course, based on the subtle bodies with a mixture of Yin and Hatha Yoga. She learned new skills in India and shared them in Bali on a daily basis for three months.

After Bali she flew to Australia and came for the first time in contact with Shaking Medicine when she attended a class from Dr. Keith Motes in Mullumbimby. She got very excited about this specific style of Yoga. Especially because she loves to express and to move emotions and stuck energy through the body with great and powerful force.

In June 2019 Joeke completed her first teacher training in Shaking Medicine and immediately started teaching classes in Mullumbimby after the course. She is now based in The Netherlands and soon to be sharing the Sacred Shaking Medicine with the European tribe.

To contact Joeke: joeke93@hotmail.com or (+31) 631397350

Juliette Carman

Shaking Medicine, Dancer, Photographer, Bachelor in Marketing and Sustainability

Juliette is originally from the French Alps and grew up surrounded by the majestic snowy mountain tops and luscious green forests.

She has always felt a strong connection with movement. From a young age, she was dancing ballet and contemporary, as well as practicing circus and gymnastics. Over the years, her connection to movement both as a performing art and as a healing practice has grown stronger and she continuously explores new ways of connecting with herself, others and our Mother Nature.

Her practice of Yoga began after a serious back injury as she was looking for a way to heal. After seven years or so of practicing Yoga, she stumbled across the practice of Shaking Medicine while traveling in Australia. Shortly after her first class, she found herself in the Shaking Medicine Teacher Training. The power of the medicine felt so tangible. She now teaches classes regularly in Montreal, Canada. Her other pursuits include meditation, AcroYoga, ecstatic dance, Balinese massage, conscious relating and perma-culture.


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