Polyvagal Theory of Shaking Medicine Masterclass Series

Polyvagal Theory of Shaking Medicine - A Masterclass Series with Richmond Heath

Join Richmond Heath, a renowned expert in therapeutic tremoring and the founder of TRE Australia, for this comprehensive masterclass on the relationship between Polyvagal Theory, Shaking Medicine, and Trauma. Polyvagal Theory scientifically models the process of therapeutic tremoring and Richmond breaks this down elegantly and skillfully. This masterclass is extremely useful as having intelligent strategies will make your embodiment of Shaking Medicine safer, more efficient, and more effective.

In this masterclass, Richmond presented live to a group of about 10 people from our Shaking Medicine ecosystem including Keith and we captured it to share. Upon joining, you will get lifetime access to stream this whole masterclass series composed of 3 recorded video modules that are ~2 hours long each. That is 6 hours of inspiring content.

Each module has:

  • A masterfully crafted lecture from Richmond (~60%),
  • A unique embodiment journey (~30%) where you will implement the wisdom Richmond has shared in that module by exploring it directly through your instinctive shaking mechanism,
  • And questions & answers from the group (~10%).

These modules are progressive in that each one builds upon the last. The presentation slides are downloadable for your convenience.  

See the syllabus below for more of the content that Richmond covers in this masterclass. We recommend that you have at least a beginner's level of embodiment in Shaking Medicine such as given by our Shaking Medicine Beginners Course before proceeding.


  • Module 1 - Trauma Informed Shaking - (1 hr 56 min)
    • Polyvagal Theory of Trauma & Shaking
    • What is Unresolved Trauma?
    • The Old Model of the Nervous System
    • Ventral Vagal Pathway & Dorsal Vagal Pathway
    • Phylogenetically Ordered Defence
    • The Polyvagal Curve
    • Movement Model of Polyvagal Theory
    • Practical & Group Shake
    • Review & Reflections 
  • Module 2 – Trauma Informed Teachers - (1 hr 55 min)
    • Regulating Resistance in the Body
    • Regulating Defensive Responses to Shaking
    • More on the Polyvagal Curve
    • Navigating & Overcoming Trauma, Overwhelm, & Defence
    • Regulating Resistance, Defensive Responses, Bracing
    • Empowered Regulation of Your Tremoring
    • Neuroception & Why Groundedness is Key
    • The 'Social' Engagement System
    • Authentic, Grounded, & Safe Shaking Teachers 
    • Practical & Group Shake
    • Review & Reflections
  • Module 3 – Trauma Informed Living! - (1 hr 57 min)
    • Trauma-Informed Living
    • The Triune Brain Model
    • Growing Through Triggers & Trauma
    • Freezing, Flooding, & Dissociation
    • Defence & Interoception
    • Unresolved Trauma and its Effects
    • Reacting vs Responding
    • The Role of Your Face in Shaking
    • Embodiment, Dreaming, Mindfulness & Flow States
    • Non-linearity of the Shaking Journey
    • Your Neuroplasticity and Authentic Expression
    • Practical & Group Shake
    • Review & Reflections

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.

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