Trauma Informed Shaking Medicine Masterclass Series

$285.00 USD

Join world-renowned therapeutic tremoring expert Richmond Heath, founder of TRE Australia, for a comprehensive masterclass on the relationship between Shaking Medicine and trauma. Explore polyvagal theory for a deep understanding of the science behind the nervous system & how it relates to Shaking Medicine. You'll discover how to regulate resistance in your body, regulate defensive responses to your shaking and how to self-regulate. You'll understand neuroception, what is unresolved trauma, and the polyvagal curve. You'll gain a deep understanding of the nervous system, how to grow through triggers and trauma, trauma-informed living, and much more. You'll also experience embodiment classes that directly apply the knowledge taught in the sessions. You'll be able to download all of the slides that Richmond uses in his presentations.

Pricing: $285. Click here for the option of 3 monthly payments (slightly more).


Session 1 - Trauma Informed Shaking

  • Polyvagal theory of trauma & shaking
  • What is unresolved trauma?
  • The nervous system
    • Peripheral nervous system
    • The old model of the nervous system
    • Sympathetic and parasympathetic
  • Ventral vagal pathway and dorsal vagal pathway
  • Phylogenetically ordered defence
  • The polyvagal curve
  • Movement model of polyvagal theory
  • Practical & group shake
    • In this group therapeutic tremoring practice Richmond focuses on demonstrating the stop/start self-regulation process and its powerful benefits. 
  • Review & reflections

Session 2 – Trauma Informed Teachers

  • Regulating resistance in the body
  • Regulating defensive responses to shaking
  • Headaches after shaking
  • Coming down the curve
  • Trauma, overwhelm, and defence
  • Regulating the body's response to neurogenic movement
  • Somatic markers of defensive responses
  • Movement and awareness
  • Trauma and interoception
  • Regulating bracing
  • Empowering regulation
  • Stop-Start
  • Practical & group shake
    • In this practical session, we break down key signals from tremoring bodies and Richmond shares ways to take the tremors deeper from what he is seeing.
    • As a group, we witnessed how the powerful stop/starting self-regulation method helped to activate and deepen therapeutic tremoring in people. 
  • Review & reflections
  • Grounded teachers
  • Neuroception – why our groundedness is the key
  • The 'social' engagement system
  • Authentic, grounded, and safe-shaking teachers

Session 3 – Trauma Informed Living!

  • Trauma-informed living
  • The Triune Brain Model
  • Freezing, flooding, dissociation
  • Defence and interoception
  • How the face plays a role in your shaking
  • Growing through triggers & trauma
  • Post Traumatic Growth and Post Triggered Growth
  • What is unresolved trauma?
  • Reacting vs responding
  • The language of the body
  • Embodied dreaming
  • Embodiment, mindfulness, and flow states
  • The ups and downs of a non-linear shaking journey
  • Deepening embodiment
  • What do we contain?
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Authentic expression
  • Practical & group shake
    • Richmond beautifully invites us to shake while tuning into our face, our extremities, and more
  • Review & reflections

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