Shaking Medicine Elemental Embodiment Course with Uma Lovato

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Elemental Embodiment Course

Join Uma Nancy Lovato in this live-online 8-part Shaking Medicine Elemental Embodiment Course utilising some of the latest and most refined Shaking Medicine inspirations.

In each class, there will be a ~45 group discussion on Shakng Medicine and the elemental theme of that class. There will be a ~75 embodiment class on that theme as the focus of each session.

Classes will be recorded and uploaded to the Shaking Medicine Members Portal of which you will get free access from the moment you join until the end of July 2024. This portal also has many additional classes to support you in your journey.

Dates and times:

Sundays May 5, 12, 19, 26 & June 2, 9, 23, 30.

6-8 pm ACDT

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These sessions are every week except for one week that we will have off on June 16th as Uma is going to the Shaking Medicine Retreat at Heartland happening in Northern Rivers, Australia which is near Byron Bay. Maybe you'd like to join that too. Find it here.

Class Themes:

In this course, you will journey alongside the elements as outlined below with a foundational class to begin and a solidifying class to conclude.


In this session, we will review and embody the foundational principles of Shaking Medicine which we will build upon throughout this course. We will also give an overview of the elements and how they play a role in our practice and this course.

Session 2: WOOD

Encourage your roots to grow down deep and invite your strength and suppleness through softness. Bend and not break as we grow from our roots upwards to transform the pent-up energies that aren't serving us into something that does.

Session 3: FIRE

Tapping into the alchemical power of the fire within us all, we will burn away all that does not serve our highest good by fanning the flames of electricity as it courses through our body firing the pathways through involuntary tremoring, delving into the unknown regions of the cells trapped memories and bringing forth the autonomic function of the Parasympathetic Nervous System in all the gloriousness of the Rest & Digest capability.

Session 4: EARTH

Receiving with full allowing for our Earth Mother to hold us as we soften into deep surrender and release what no longer serves us. She grounds, holds, and nourishes us on a deeply subtle and highly felt level of support encouraging the growth of innate primal healing and the natural rhythm from within.

Session 5: METAL

As we celebrate the letting go of the charges that have been holding us back we will dig even deeper with transformative therapeutic tremoring. We will continue opening up our earthiness to allow the fluidity of water to come through.

Session 6: WATER

Journey into frequencies of feelings for our liquid bodies to uncover our pleasure and yield into a flow state to direct our lives. We will utilise sounds through bowls, spacedrum, toning, chanting, and diving deep into allowing the vibration of our animal nature to flow throughout our entire vessel. We will recalibrate the qualities of our nervous systems with more fluidity, flexibility, and resiliency and embed that into our cellular memory.

Session 7: ETHER

Culminating all the elements that are opened up and becoming one with a deep sense of peace, love, joy, and bliss. We will allow the whole body to surrender all over with tremoring activations in the face- cheeks, nose, jaw, eyebrows, hands, wrists, fingers, toes, ankles, feet, calves, biceps, forearms, your organs, bones, and wherever else your journey takes you to. Go on a self-discovery journey into where exactly your body has been keeping the score.

Session 8: SOLIDIFY

Here we look into the essential elements that keep your Shaking Medicine embodiment moving forward and growing into you. You will be buzzing with an ever higher and subtle vibrational shaking energy to allow this Rest and Digest mechanism to become as instantaneous as the opposite (Fight or Flight) mode has been.

This is an Intermediate level course whereby we encourage participants to have a beginner level of embodiment whereby you can already turn therapeutic tremoring on & off easily enough. You can find Beginner's Courses and more info about Shaking Medicine on our home page

Very much looking forward to embarking on this journey with you.

With Love,
Uma Lovato
Shaking Medicine Teacher Trainer

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