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Quantum, Trauma Release, Shamanism, Immunity, Nervous System Regulation and Tremoring

David Smith, founder of "The Freedom Experiment," interviews Dr. Keith Motes, founder of Shaking Medicine Foundation.

They cover concepts in quantum physics as well as Keith’s understanding of esoteric practices like Yoga and Taoism. They discuss a fresh revolutionary way of relieving mental dis-orders, aiding your immune system, releasing trauma from your body, shamanism and healing via your central nervous system through the therapy of Shaking Medicine. This therapy works largely with neurogenic therapeutic tremoring, an instinctive mechanism naturally hardwired within all humans through millions of years of evolution.


Quantum Physics and the Power of Shaking

Dr Keith Motes is interviewed by Hannah Vela for “The Hummingbird Collective Podcast.”

They discuss the quantum realm, black holes, what inspired Keith to get into quantum, manifestation, how Shaking Medicine came to be, benefits of Shaking Medicine, the taboo of Shaking Medicine and how it got banned in the West, Osho's shaking style, Kundalini and shaking,  and more. 

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