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Ethos of Shaking Medicine™

Shaking Medicine™ is an ever growing and evolving foundation for exploring natural human potential.

It aims to uplift the world through re-empowering people safely, easily, and joyously with their own in-built instinctive mechanism of spontaneous-involuntary shaking for its numerous benefits and optimizing quality of life.


Its origins lie ultimately from Mother Nature, who gifted us with this mammalian birthright, as well as indigenous cultures all over the world, ancient traditions of Indian and Taoist Yoga, modern-day shaking and movement practices, and Science.


The benefits of Shaking Medicine are described from various aspects of its’ origins.

Shaking Medicine brings us into our most resonant, happy, healthy and energetic state of being.

It helps with physical trauma, emotional trauma, mental health ailments, PTSD, physical pain, emotional pain, sleep, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and more.

It clears our system of physical, energetic, and emotional blockages, which directly improves strength and flexibility, helps heal injuries, quickens recovery time, heals trauma such as PTSD, and much more.

It brings us into our center and grounds us, enhances our resilience to future traumatic events whether they be small or big, increases our sensitivity and perception of our internal and external environments, grows our emotional intelligence, allows greater ease of moving energy and information through our mind-body system, and much more.

It teaches us to cultivate and direct energy (lifeforce, prana, Qi) in a unique, fundamental, and vibrational way.

It helps with relaxing, finding mental peace, expanding your physical strength and flexibility, regulating emotions, improving feeling intelligence, improving emotional intelligence, learning to meditate, and so much more.

or, as Science calls it, neurogenic therapeutic tremoring

How Does it Work?

It works by bringing us deep into our parasympathetic relaxed states of our nervous system. It is a practice of learning to let go of control and trusting ourselves. When we relax enough so that we move out of ‘fight, flight, and freeze’ mode, our mind-body will begin healing itself all on its own and clearing out what does not serve us.


As we become more and more clear, we can allow the infinite ways of expressing energy to unfold naturally. This process is guided with wisdom from all of its origins as well insights from those who are embodying Shaking Medicine all around the world.

Shaking Medicine Teaching Tribe

Teachers of Shaking Medicine make up a united tribe who support each other as well as anyone we share Shaking Medicine with. We are passionate about learning, embodying, sharing, growing and evolving the art of Shaking Medicine. Teachers are welcome to bring in their own unique flavour and skillset into their teachings. We are supported by the Shaking Medicine tribe through on-going collaboration and communication. We are financially supported by the Shaking Medicine website through our contributions to the foundation.

Other Ways You May See Shaking Medicine Called

This practice of Shaking Medicine may also be referred to as Shaking Yoga, Whole Body Vibration, Emotional Yoga, Kundalini, Spontaneous Kundalini Kriya, neurogenic therapeutic tremoring (tremoring), involuntary shaking, somatic movement and more.

Who Can Benefit from Shaking Medicine

Everyone from all walks of life can benefit from Shaking Medicine. Kids to adults. Mentally ill to mentally healthy. Obese to skinny. Basically humans, who are all mammals, can benefit from re-learning their own instinctive mechanism for regulating their nervous system.

What can you (the visitor) do here at ShakingMedicine.com

Our goal is for you to embody Shaking Medicine, so that you will have this powerful tool to use for the rest of your life. In this course you will do just that.

We offer the first section completely free with no card details required, so that you can get a taste of what we have to offer. In this free section you will actually experience involuntary shaking medicine. Afterwards, if you wish to continue learning more, go deeper into the art of Shaking Medicine, and have access to a multitude of classes, then sign up to our recurring membership area, which has no contract.



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