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6 week Live-Online Zoom Shaking Medicine Teacher Training

Nov 7th - Dec 12th, 2021

This is your chance to embark on your Shaking Medicine teaching journey.

We will meet every Sunday for 4 hours from 5-9pm AEST, Sydney Australia time.

This event will be facilitated by Dr. Keith R. Motes.

Be sure to have familiarized yourself with the details of this Shaking Medicine Teacher Training on this page and the previous teacher training page before booking.

Also, feel free to check out our official Facebook event here if you haven't already.

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~Full $897
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Here is the full description which is also the description on our Facebook event in case you’ve already read this:

Welcome to the next instalment of our Shaking Medicine Teacher Training.

This will run live-online via Zoom over the course of 6 weeks.

We will have 1 meeting per week for 4 hours per meeting.

You will deepen your understanding and practice of Shaking Medicine all while doing it with a supportive group of like-hearted shaking enthusiasts.

You will obtain a solid understanding of Shaking Medicine and be fully prepared to share this with others.

You will become a certified 50-hr Shaking Medicine teacher upon completing this course and will have the tools you need to share this modality.

This training will be focused on how to teach our foundational flow to beginners who are new to accessing their therapeutic tremor mechanism.

This mechanism is an anti-virus for your nervous system. It is one of nature’s powerful ways to alleviate stress, anxiety, trauma, suppressed emotions, aches, pains and more.

It enhances physical, energetic, emotional and mental health and well-being improving immunity, resilience, recovery time, strength, flexibility, presence, clarity and more.

We will share with you a very effective, fun and safe process for bringing people into Shaking Medicine using the skills, insights and knowledge we have obtained through a combination of:

  1. Studying the most advanced shaking cultures & modalities.
  2. Cultivating wisdom that comes from a continual embodiment of Shaking Medicine.
  3. Insights from sharing this with people and training teachers all over the world.

Sharing this practice is unique in that when a facilitator is guiding a class well, everyone in the class will likely be doing something quite different.

This provides you with a very liberating way to facilitate using invitational, trauma sensitive and compassionate language that also empowers people to trust and build their own intuitive and instinctive intelligences.

It's fun to share this style for both you and your students. This training offers you the tools to guide an invitational, intuitive and transformational journey.

We incorporate the latest insights and knowledge and we aim to suit all learning styles with a balance of visual, aural, verbal, logical and kinaesthetic learning styles.

Shaking Medicine is an internationally recognized modality by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT) where you can obtain insurance so that you’re protected.

It is the perfect somatic and holistic tool to add to your teaching repertoire.

Feel free to enjoy this training for your own personal growth and embodiment if you’re not yet sure about sharing it with others.

We support our world-wide tribe of teachers in growing and developing in their sharing after they become qualified graduates.

We have a teachers group for on-going connection and support and hold regular meetings between our facilitators to maintain connection and to support our growth.

With this training you will be able to teach Shaking Medicine to students and clients through one-on-one sessions, small and large classes, as well as workshops, immersions, retreats, and trainings in settings that include online, casual, studio, festival, business, corporate and more.

We are a standalone teacher training whereby you don't need any other qualifications to share Shaking Medicine. Having previous teaching experience is not necessary, though is always helpful.

Essential details are described on our teacher training page.

If you are unsure about anything or want any clarification please don’t hesitate to ask.

Feel free to reach out and schedule a free call, which is on our teacher training page.

More details here: www.ShakingMedicine.com/teachertraining


Specific Details for this Training


This Shaking Medicine Teacher Training will be held online via Zoom.

During this training we will meet once per week over the course of 6 weeks for 4 hours per meeting.

We will build on our knowledge each week in this progressive training.

There will be a balance of practice, discourse and discussions during our meetings.

In between meetings there will be homework to complete to ensure that we all can complete the requirements together to become certified.

The homework will include a combination of practicing embodiment classes, watching informational theory videos, doing an assessment and 7 of your own practice teaching classes. An outline is below.

The criteria for getting a certificate is to embody Shaking Medicine, attend these meetings, do the homework, complete the assessment and complete your practice teachings. We’ll aim to have you completely certified for the 6th meeting though you’ll have up to 6 weeks after our 6th meeting to finalize any requirements in case you need the extra time.

We recommend scheduling a Discovery Call with us, which can be found on the teacher training page, so that we can ensure this will be a good match for you.



During this training you will:


~Advance your own Shaking Medicine practice with new wisdom, shapes and movements to weave into your practice and teachings.

~You will deepen your practice of Shaking Medicine so that you can share from a place of embodiment.

~Learn 20+ postures and movements for shaking in and teaching to others.

~Experience cutting edge ways for tuning into Shaking Medicine.

~Gain tools for advancing your tremoring practice.

~Understand the foundational history, science and philosophy of Shaking Medicine.

~Learn how to teach and sequence Shaking Medicine safely and effectively in a trauma sensitive, creative and invitational style.

~Practice sharing Shaking Medicine with others and be carefully assessed to be sure you grasp the fundamentals so that you can share effectively and potently.

~Get 6 months free to our Shaking Medicine Members Portal, which is a full online Shaking Medicine embodiment course where you can further prepare for this training, keep embodying and deepening after the TT, as well as use as a valuable learning resource to become an ever more experienced Shaking Medicine facilitator.

~Receive our Shaking Medicine Teacher Training Foundational Flow manual.

~Receive access to the online Shaking Medicine Teacher Training Portal for ongoing support and reviewing the teaching information.

~Become qualified as a Shaking Medicine teacher with access to full insurance in 39 countries, so you can share professionally.


Here are some of the key theory points you’ll learn about:


~How to design and guide an effective Shaking Medicine journey
~Learning foundational sets and sequences and why
~How to bring people into the tremor response safely and effectively
~Regulation of the practice and how to support your students
~How to stop and start the tremoring process
~Science of Shaking Medicine
~History of Shaking Medicine
~Indigenous, Yogic, Taoist & modern modality styles & perspectives
~Shaking Medicine for accessing Kundalini life force for vibrant health
~Various types of shaking and various ways to tune into shaking
~Tremoring is designed by nature to relieve stress, anxiety & trauma
~Important invitational and trauma sensitive language style
~Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) vs PTSD
~Emotional and feeling intelligences
~Trauma theory
~How to navigate trauma and re-actions in your classes
~Supressed and trapped emotions and how they affect health
~Anatomy of the physical, energetic and emotional body
~How shaking aids in regulating fascia
~Bring about greater resilience, health, strength, flexibility & vitality
~Mind and ego
~Accessing 'Spontaneous Breath of Fire' aka 'The Bushman's Pump'
~Developing your own unique style
~Using descriptive analogies
~Integrating after this training
~Support in continuing this practice on your own
~How to make a living shaking


Homework Outline


Here is a basic outline of the homework to be expected before each meeting. More details on this will be provided during the training each week.

Week 1: Theory ~ Embody ~ Assessment

Week 2: Theory ~ Embody ~ Assessment

Week 3: Theory ~ Embody ~ Assessment

Week 4: 2x Practice Teaching ~ Embody ~ Teaching Log Book

Week 5: 3x Practice Teaching ~ Embody ~ Teaching Log Book

Week 6: 2x Practice Teaching ~ Embody ~ Teaching Log Book


Time and Date:


Nov. 7th to Dec. 12th, 2021

We will meet every Sunday for 4 hours.

Here are some time conversions for a few locations:

  • 5-9 pm Sydney, AUS
  • 7-11 pm Auckland, NZ
  • 8-12 am London, UK

In the Americas this is late Sat. night and/or early Sun. morning.

Our Calendar invite will auto-convert to your time zone.




Online via Zoom. Link will be sent upon booking.