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Wednesdays 8-9 am CET from the Netherlands.

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Shaking Medicine is a somatic therapy focusing on an instinctive mechanism called therapeutic tremoring.

This mechanism has evolved over millions of years within mammals as a natural tool for self-regulation, healing and maintaining homeostasis.

In this workshop, you will explore this spontaneous tremor mechanism within you and remember this innate tool for healing.

As your nervous system re-calibrates itself many potential benefits may occur including letting go of stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions and trauma all while accessing more resilience, strength, flexibility, immunity, clarity, energy, vibrant health and well-being and so much more.

Our sharing is inspired by Yoga, Taoism, Indigenous cultures like the Kalahari Bushmen, various modern groups, modalities and scientists that utilize shaking like Dr. Bradford Keeney, TRE, Osho, Ratu Bagus, and more as well as our own experience.

You can expect a fun-nourishing journey, a sense of deep relaxation and many potential revelations especially..

To truly understand it, you must embody it!





Live-Online via Zoom streamed from the Netherlands.

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Severe physical injuries, recent surgery, broken bones, pregnancy, significant mental health ailments, major PTSD, major medical conditions, extreme/complex trauma, epilepsy, easy emotional overwhelm, panic attacks or medical conditions that involve non-therapeutic tremoring.

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